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March 08, 2007


free Anaheim

I was impressed by some of the things I read about Sidhu until this Disney controversy. By siding with Disney he has lost my vote. Shame on Disney for sueing our city.


I'm not sure that Disney's motives and methods were all that great, but 1500 units on 26 acres. Man, that's almost 60 units an acre and 10,000 car trips a day at one of the busiest intersections in Anaheim.

The Trouble with Harry

The trouble with Harry Sidhu is you can't trust him. How many positions has he taken on this issue so far? 3?

Hat Trick

Holy Cow

I this race is over. Swear Harry in now.

Harry you have won !!!!- put a stop payment on that last check you sent Coronado Communications


There's "no trouble with Harry" and he can be "trusted" by the taxpayers - look at his position on the land near Angel Stadium. Harry spoke up for the taxpayers and now $200 million for this land is a possiblity for what was going to be given away for only $50 million. Glad to see that Harry has good name recognition. All in Anaheim and surrounding cities know that he is a true friend and supporter of the taxpayers. Go Harry!

The Trouble with Harry

Spare me! Harry spoke up because there were microphones and newspaper reporters nearby for whom he could perform his "champion of the taxpayer" act.

A few years ago, when he was getting ready for his first council run, Harry asked a now-former Anaheim councilman whether he should run as a Republican or a Democrat.

Harry is all ambition, no principles.

jimmy camp

to do any polling and then to release it 15 months before a primary is a complete waste of time and money. outside of anaheim, no one knows or gives a crap who harry sidhu is, and just to be fair no one outside of mimi's district knows who she is either. the republican donors that they are trying to impress with this useless information are far to sophisticated. if harry sidhu is that restless....send him to south county


Free Anaheim, Harry is against Disney's position last I heard - did he change his mind?

The Trouble With Harry

Harry was against Disney's position last year, then voted in favor of it last month, and now he's putting forward a "compromise" that nobody likes.

Who knows where he'll be next month.

Harry should call Tom Wilson for some tips about running against Mimi. She is a tough campaigner.


Harry's a tough campaigner, too. Mimi should call Diane Harkey before she spends her and her husbands' millions running against Harry. It's not going to be an easy ride for Mimi.

Art Pedroza


Is it true that you deleted one of Larry Gilbert's responses to this post re Sidhu? What is up with that?

Thomas Gordon says you deleted one of his posts recently as well, regarding Pulido.

I thought you cared about the integrity of your blog. Deleting posts just because you disagree with them is BS.

For the record, the only posts we delete at our blog are those in which Stanley Fiala goes insane and uses bad words (usually F-bombs). And WE NEVER delete your comments. I would hope you would reciprocate when my bloggers visit your site. Is that too much to ask?



Get a grip and break your usual pattern by actually knowing what you are talking about before flinging accusations like a monkey in the zoo pelting visitors with excrement.

I didn't delete any comments by Larry Gilbert. Larry didn't even claim as much. Try reading your own blog a little more carefully. Larry is an AOL user, and they sometimes have problems posting comments for reasons beyond my control.

I didn't delete any of Thomas' comments -- at least not any he made under his own name. I've deleted a couple during the last few days that have broken the well-known rules of this blog.

Anyone claiming that I delete comments because I disagree with them is an idiot or a liar, or both. A few mnutes spent reading the comments here would make that that clear to all but the most obtuse. If I deleted posts just because I disagreed with them, Art, most of yours would be gone.

I do care about the integrity of this blog, Art. That's why, unlike you, I don't allow people to post lies, gossip, and personal attacks on people. On your blog, anyone can post the most outrageous lies about anyone else as long as they don't use the f-word. Here, we have standards.

Bill Braski

Art, calling Jubal out on a rumor that you've heard which may or may not be true is inappropriate. If you don't like the way this blog is run, then don't come here. Gloating about how you run your blog better on a similar blog is disrespectful.

If you have a problem with alleged inappropriate behavior, take it up with the source, not in public. You're better than that.


Art - you were looking for an example of what you do - here it is...once again you throw up inaccurate information and then walk away. You thrive on negative attention....


You're better than that.

Unfortunately, Bill, this is Standard Operating Procedure for Art.


Here is the disclaimer that pops up after you comment on Art's non-censoring blog - lol

Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author.

Hmmmmm, sounds like censorship to me.

Art Pedroza


Believe me - if we lift the moderation we will be inundated with Stanley F-bombs. It has happened before, so now we just have to moderate the posts.


BS. Thomas told me he put up a post about Pulido and his hybrid car and you guys deleted it. How was that post contrary to your standards?

Art Pedroza


Question - who is running the Sidhu campaign?

Johnny Slash

Harry Sid-who?


Art - you can put a 'bad word' filter on the posts.....the Register has one...and it will not allow the post if it has bad words. Or you can check the blogs posted more often, like Jubal does. I have posted on your site before and the posts did not make it up on your blog.

Running Harry

Coronado Communication is GC and I suspect Sam Wo will be handling the day to day.

Sam did a great job on the Bilbray campaign.

Good luck guys. I love primaries.

Sam Who? Send him a map to OC and give him a course in primary elections. Much different then Generals, right Duane?


Question - who is running the Sidhu campaign?

Keep it up, Art! You're once again proving Flowerszzz correct. You get called out for blasting someone based on wrong info, and instead of apologizing you simply change the subject.


jimmy camp

Art: you can post lies, gossip, and personal attacks on people, say the f-word, and even throw poo like a little monkey anytime you want on my blog... http://www.jimmycamp.com/blog.html....
censorship is un-American.

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