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March 15, 2007


Martin Wisckol

Hey Matt, now you know how I feel about reading of Larry Dick's candidacy on your site! Link to come -- but hey Larry... We've got 300,000 subscribers. I don't charge a cent.

Jon Fleischman

LOL. I got skunked on the Romney release, too. I e-mailed Boston to get you, Jubal, and me put on their list.



No disrespect meant to Total Buzz. You most definitely ought to be on their distribution list.



That's not a good sign when they're leaving GOP blogs off their press release list.

Martin Wisckol

I should probably mention, since it might make you guys feel better, that the Romney campaign didn't send me a release on this. A source mentioned it, then I looked it up on the Romney Web site. I'm not sure I'm on their list either!


Actually, it makes me even more suspect of their operation! Are they contacting any media?

With Hugh Hewitt FLOGGING Romney with a book and daily mentions on his blog and radio show, it is surprising that the Romney campaign doesn't have the aforementioned "Red County" blog-o-sphere on it's distribution list.

Maybe the Romney campaign needs to read Hewitt's BLOG book?

Question about Baugh

I noticed Baugh's name on the Romney list. Has he resigned as OC Rep Party Chair? In the past, he has declined to endorse in contested races based on his Party title.

Ryan Gene

RE: Question for Baugh,

No. Scott will be signing on as Scott Baugh, former Republican Assembly leader, not OC GOP Chair.

Come On, Ryan Gene

Give me a break. Baugh could sign on as the Queen of England-- it doesn't change the fact he IS CURRENTLY the County GOP Chair... what a joke. Why play such stupid semantic games?

A few weeks ago, someone wrote here that Baugh's supporting Mitt because he's on the payroll of one of the big money guys in the area who's a major Romney donor...I hope that blogger here reads this and reminds us of who that is-- I forget. I think it's the guy who owns the St Regis.

Ryan Gene is incorrect

Taken directly from the website:

Governor Romney’s California Finance Co-Chairs:

- Scott Baugh, Chairman, Orange County Republican Party, Orange County

Ryan Gene

Eh, so I was wrong. What else is new? :-p

Scott has the right to endorse whom ever he wants.

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