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March 28, 2007


UR All Wet!

This post is inane compared to Probolsky's interesting, insightful and witty post just prior. Any idiot who reads the paper is aware of the water supply cut off.

But I guess some don't read.


UR All Wet, Check your calendar. Please note the century.

Here's a tip from the 21st century: if a blog isn't useful to you, stop reading it. Over Seventy million other blogs eagerly await your attention. Heck, start your own blog if you've got the time and interest.

Since I'm such a generous guy, here's a second tip: Posting that you don't find a blog interesting does little beyond broadcasting your own limitations to a global audience.


I wish I could read.

UR All Wet!

I wish Tylerh could read!

I didn't say the blog was uninteresting, I said that THIS post was inane. Since I am such a generous person, let me give YOU a tip - you can look at dictionaries online now, so you never have to even TOUCH a book! Look into it!


UR All Wet!:

I am proud to have wasted a few minutes of your life with my "inane" post.

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