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March 08, 2007



In re: Brea & Walgrens.

More economic engineering from the good folks in Brea City Hall. The horror - a drugstore in their phony "downtown." Imagine that: a place where some of their loft dwellers could actually walk to buy some Tylenol.

Fake or not. That downtown has brought a ton of revenue to the city.


Yes, and what is the per capita indebtedness of Brea through Redevelopment bonds? How many businesses and homes were grabbed through eminent domain to create all that revenue? How many corporations were subsidized in the process. Instead of insulting me you ought to be asking how Brea produced so many puppet councilpersons over the years. There is a term in political theory for governments that orchestrate "private enterprise."


Its interesting that China last week began steps to incorporate private property into their legal system. This is one of the most important steps in establishing true democracy and liberty one day in this communist state.

Meanwhile, Brea turns their back on liberty for the almighty buck.

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