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March 29, 2007



Inartfully drafted. The rant on the partnership can be put aside because it is not something within the jurisdiction of the Board. I don't think having one or two trustees should be enough if its not within the jurisdiction of the Board. A Board is not required to nor should it take up irrelevant subjects.

however you raise a good point if it is a subject that is within the jurisdiction of the Board. Requiring a majority to hear an item thats clearly relevant is a different subject. The danger of a majority stiffling dissent is all too real. On the other hand, the tyranny of the minority is nothing to be scoffed about. Liberal agendizing would allow a kook like Rocco to agendize hundreds of items just to mess with the Board.

Solution---don't make it harder to address real relevant issues. Just keep out items not within the jurisdiction of the Board and limit the time and scope of items a board member can agendize(maybe 2 a meeting with the 20 minute cap they have for discussion).

SO I get your point Jubal, but what in the hell was Rick thinking of signing off on the Partnership rant?


Rocco is still a nut!

But, a board shouldn't change rules because they can't handle basic meeting protocol's. Even with Ledesma's orignial support, the president can limit debate with super-majority support. Let him have a rant or two, who cares. If no action is followed up, and the other board members don't fuel the fire, it dies as it should.

The problem I see is when a board makes a majority ruling, even before any public discussion of the items merit has taken place. One would have to think that a majority of the board formed an opinion on an issue without a public forum. I believe some of these types of rules have seen court challenge and lost. Hope Rocco does not challenge as a trustee and look for public money pursue legal remedy against his own agency.

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