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March 28, 2007



Term limit and reapportionment changes are dead measures walking. The voters havent figured out they've always had term limits--its called a ballot. A general in the few competitive districts...a primary in the competitive ones. So they want to keep term limits. Damm the consequences.

Ditto reapportionment. better the devil you know then the alleged non-partisan retired judges, grand jurors or what ever other grouping of old white guys that the GOP is putting up next year.

And come talk to me about congressional reapportionment reform when you've got Texas ready to sign on the same dotted line.

Mark Gaughan

This surely is not good news. Even tweaking term limits is going to take a creative, (suggestion - significantly web-based) campaign and near unanimous participation from the legislature and of course, the guv. FYI in another recent poll the opinion of the state legislature was positive for the first time in recent memory.


Mark - RE: Opinion of the state legislature is positive........not for long if they put this on the ballot. :-P


Nice analysis of the poll. As with any poll, one has to ask (1) who did the poll and (2) for whom.

I seem recall that PPIC is pretty neutral outfit, but a comment from the Red County perspective on PPIC and whoever commissioned the poll would be useful.

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