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March 12, 2007


Christopher Columbus

FlashReport was there before both Total Buzz and DeVore! Where's the etiquette in any of this?

Christopher Columbus

Sorry, I meant Orange Punch, which DeVore cites, not Total Buzz.

Steven Greenhut

Jubal: I'm in the MSM and I routinely attribute things to blogs, including this one. It's odd that you would complain that the Register, though, didn't attribute the DeVore quote to OCBlog, when Chuck learned about it from my post on Orange Punch. I learned about it from Capitol Weekly in Sacramento. See how hard this attribution thing is in the Internet world?



I don't think of you as MSM since you're an editorial writer, rather than as a straight print reporter -- but point taken.

But how hard is it to write "a posting by Assemblyman Chuck DeVore on Red County/OC Blog" as opposed to "an Internet posting by Assemblyman Chuck DeVore"? And Chuck had no difficulty giving attribution to you -- it's not that hard.

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