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March 29, 2007



"anti-war hippies"

Okie, like a rare piece of art you're priceless!

Okie Sooner

redperegrine....thank you, I will take that as a compliment.


"I agree it has become the best terrorist recruiting tool out there."

True perhaps--but it's also the best terrorist killing tool out there. So why not break up the networks and sap their will while we have the chance, before a nuclear Iran (or whatever Islamic state) ups the stakes?

Gary Kephart

I'm all for us getting out of Iraq and finishing the job in Afghanistan. Yes, I think the terrorists will follow us there, which will be better for Iraq. Our presence is instigating violence. While our troops may help in the short term, as we all know the real problem is political. The Iraqis lack the political will to form a unified Iraq. No amount of military might will help that. We can keep fighting the insurgents, but as long as the people in the government are helping the insurgents, it's a lost cause.


The Army is taking recruits up to age 42. I will help you train for boot camp. Meet me outside the El Toro gate at 0500 for PT!

Stay the course but keep sending the other guys and gals and their children.


Okay, let's have only the military vote on whether to stay in Iraq!

And no one is sending them, Quang, they are volunteering. This is not 1963.

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