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March 28, 2007


One Who Knows

She's smart to have her lawyer next to her at all times.

Do do no help her!

I agree it's good to have loyal folks by her side but Janet doesn't need more Viet help..she will need Grinos and Latinos to keep that seat and Andrew Do does not help.

Andrew Davey

Well, it's good that Janet now has a Chief of Staff. And I guess since Andrew Do did such a god job for janet as her attorney, that he'd do the same as her CoS...
But still, I also think that if she really wants to hold onto that seat, that she needs to also hire some staffers from the other ethnic communities as well...

And perhaps even take up an offer to hire one of Lou's old staffers. After all, she may face a stronger Democratic challenger next year. And even though she looks VERY strong right now, such small early mistakes can come back to bite her. Let's see how she follows through on her promise to unite the district.


What do you mean """She looks very strong right now"""? She barely won with 3 votes. That's hardly a mandate and i'm certain that Claudia Alvarez, who is termed out of the Santa Ana City Council is someone who can take out Janet, if she runs a well organized campaign.

Paul Lucas

Not if Miguel Pulido jumps in the race as well. I have been hearing rumblings of Pulido taking on Janet in 08. We shall see how it plays out.


I think that one of the important move to keep her job in 2008 is to make peace with the Van Tran group. If all of the vietnamese Americans stand behind her, she may have another chance.

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