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March 22, 2007


Karl Rove


You made some good points. This little grandstand ploy which was really the idea of a resident is all Ledesma can hang his hat on. He has no other claim to having done anything of any substantive significance in his own city, so one certainly cannot expect him to be very effective as an assemblyman. And the voting public and monetary supporters know this.

Your last point about his vote to provide lieftime medical benefits to retirees was interesting. I didn't know that, and that should not sit well in the conservative circles of the party.

As I posted over on the Red County Riverside Blog, I think Blais is the best candidate of the three, but I would pick Miller over Ledesma any day.


Nothing but a cheap publicity stunt orchestrated for the purpose of manipulating gullible voters into thinking he's "tough" on illegal immigration.

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