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March 19, 2007



So can I just ask a silly question - is Mike saying that he is considering moving into the district to run? Isn't that carpetbagging? I don't know him so it is nothing personal, but I know how people feel about carpetbagging.


Mike will lose.

Bring it Mike...Bring it.

Come on Mike

Anyone who says,"The Gov. will edorse me if I run" is suspect. I don't care how tight he thinks he is with Arnie...he will not be endorsed. Nice try

One Who Knows

I am certain that Mike was being factitious when he claimed an expected endorsement from the Governor.

What about Denis Bilodeau

I hear that Denis Bilodeau is going to run for the 60th AD, and looking at the Sec of State website he has previously put a campaign together.

Also, I believe his counterpart Jon Dumitru is also considering a run for the seat.

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