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March 28, 2007



Scott Baugh taking credit for Janet Nguyen's victory? After the Party was officially neutral but most of the apparatchik outside the Vietnamese Community(plus the Dark Lord) were backing Carlos Bustamante?

I imagine Janet will react to that about as favorably as Lou Correa did to Frank Barbaro's comment that the Democratic Party helped get Lou Correa elected Supervisor in 2004(after they stayed out of the Correa-Broadwater runoff).

Scott Did Help

Janet's team knows that Scott's ability to put the money together to slam Umberg helped her cause. Sure the New Majority and Linc. Club types supported Carlos, but they often support losers because they lack good political intelligence and insight.


Seriously, the IE's were weak. Umberg was mortally wounded by Correa. Baugh wanted Carlos and most of the Reds, even the Libertarians, drank the karlos kool Aid.

Janet did this on her own. team Janet, Adam P., Bill Steiner, some of her endorsements, these were critical.

Even if one was to concede the GOP IE's had some beneficial effect in tubing Umberg, the most pitiful thing to watch in politics is someone slapping themselves on the back. Even worse, when as in here, they overstate their importance.

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