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March 15, 2007


What about Trung

Here we go again Matt again being biased. Why have you not posted anything about Trung Nguyen's connection with Viet Bao and their owners. Hmmm thats right because its not Janet.

One has to wonder if this is the reason that Janet's divisive "Republican's who don't like Mexicans" mailer in Vietnamese was never reported in the OC Register, though it was discussed widely in all the political blogs. That should have been just as big a story as Trung's photoshop story, but the powers that be chose not to mention it in the main stream media. If Janet's divisive mailer was properly reported in the MSM, Trung probably would have won by a comfortable margin. She got a free pass on that one. MSM also gave her a free pass on the controversy surrounding the photo that was taken of her next to a Buddhist leader (not reported).

Okay Anon

Ok Anon,

Just like all the illegal lies Trung and his Photoshop boys did in the Viet ads. Hmm yeah okay why didn't they print them in the Main stream papers. Because he knew they wouldn't get away with it. Photoshopping was tip of the iceberg. Quite before it melts.


Try this for a lie: I heard that the Orange County Register earlier this year bought 51% of the Nguoi Viet Daily News.

The Register, an MSM, bought a company, which then donated to Janet...I think there's something corrupt going on here.

Re: Totem

Try this: The Register didn't even bothered to write about the Photoshop issue. It was LA Times.

This article was a great piece for VAN TRAN - it actually made him seem "humble"
No one is questioning about what a great article for the Trannies.

Learn to say Thank you Trannies

Keep digging yourself in the hole.

Stop the lies

Election is Over - Stop Campaigning

This is getting so old. The election is over and no one cares anymore.



OCR has had a relationship with several non-English papers for years. They list them on their web page!

As they lose subscribers and ad revenue (for the same reasons the LAT and NYT are losing theirs), they search for other sources. Political correctness, support of open borders, vettings by CAIR, and convenient omissions of pertinent information in political coverage may seem like partisanship (okay, it is) but it's really bottom line journalism. It's part of the sunset of the MSM, OC style.


Isn't the Nguyen-Nguyen case open in court today? Is Jubal going to report in for us?

Although the OCR did get scooped by the LA Times on the Trung photoshop incident, the OCR did eventually report it, so Trung didn't get any "free passes" in the MSM.

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