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February 28, 2007



Regarding the Villa Park City Council's decision not to open their meetings with a prayer because it would be " divisive and inappropriate," :

It is interesting to note that the most Red Republican city in Orange County, Villa Park, turns down prayer while the most Democratic City in Orange County, Santa Ana, has opened their city council meetings with prayer for as long as I can remember. And without divisiveness.

A wag might reflect that Democrats need more help from the Almighty but I think we're all in this Ark together. Given that 2/3 of Red County cities open with some form of non-denominational service, what's with the reddest of the reds Jubal?

larry gilbert

A sad commentary. Following is today's prayer in the US House of Representatives.

Reverend Tyrone Skinner
Metropolitan Baptist Church
Altadena, California

Dear gracious God our Savior,

We spend these moments reverencing you as we invoke your presence in this place so that sound judicious decisions will be made that will benefit our democracy. We admit our shortcomings and our need for your guidance in all that is done in this place. We seek your face to address racism, classism, sexism, and other discriminations that divide us and seek to devour the very core of our democracy. We lift especially the victims of Katrina and other natural disasters in our country that they may find peace and resolution to the quest for placement that should be theirs.

Finally, we pray for our troops who fight for the cause of democracy in Iraq. We know you will not allow their fighting to be in vain. Thank you for hearing our prayer, and we now listen for your voice to direct our paths.

In the name of him who has been given all power, Amen

SoCo Gal

When's the election suit going to be heard?

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