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February 27, 2007


Nick Berardino

You have done a stellar job in covering the First District race. Myself and others (not all union guys by the way) strongly believe you have earned the first Orange County "BLEMMY" (Blog Emmy). The Blemmy is awarded for the best and most intelligent coverage by a blogger of an important local Orange County event.

There is absolutely no question that you have set the bar very high by your outstanding performance during this election.


I second the above comment. ( ? grammar :)) The election have never been this fun and since 2000. I think Matt and Red County OC Blog deserve BLEMMY award.


I agree with the decision to have full recount by hand, or at least the lawsuit to demand it. It was been 21 days since the special election on February 6th, why does Janet want to rush so much to end the recount right now while she is the person to ask for it in the first place? Two days for counting the electronic ballots will add more legitimacy to her victory. I know she would take more risk. It is a hard decision. Stopping the recount now will raise doubt about the result and bring up lawsuits. Anyway, I hope the new Supervisor (most likely Janet) will do a lot of great things for the district, and new voters will vote more correctly in the future. More public participation in the political process is always a good thing.

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