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February 01, 2007


Paul Lucas

Its too bad things have sunk to this level of pettiness.



I was at a dinner in early 2000 when Mark Rosen showed up to support Van Tran for GG council. Politics is petty but transparent.


Van has been a good friend for central OC folks since getting elected into Garden Grove city council in 2000 and in Sacramento from 2004. I met him a few times and trust his judgment. Politics can be a bit unpleasant, but the bottom line is that he tends to get the job done for small business folks and for his constituent like myself. Good result speaks for itself.


Did Tran really think he could keep Rosen out? Amazing. But given some of over the top campaigning going on over there, not surprising.


Isn't the real question why a government agency posting a sign with tax dollars constitutes "an event" in the first place?

Do your job, put the up sign, and move on.

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