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February 27, 2007


Oops...so much for the conservative in the race

Amazing! That is going to hurt!

Can't Believe It

i was at that event of Hadi's and have been pumping Romney in conversations with friends ever since. not anymore.

thanks for posting, this is a shock.

I totally believe it

What's not to believe? W is full of it, so romney is too-- who cares?

The only guy who is consitently straight with you repulicans is the one you won't nominate. hell, I am a Democrat and I would vote for rudy, but noooooooooo.....

You smug, sanctimonious republicans never cease to amaae me.

One Who Knows

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.

hatchet job

NOUN: Slang A crude or ruthless effort usually ending in destruction: did a hatchet job on the mayor's reputation


Where's the YouTube of Rudy Giuliani endorsing Democrat Mario Cuomo for re-election that very same year?

Conservative Gladiator

Stick to your first impression. Mitt Romney is the real deal.

It's okay to be Pro-Life if you were Pro-Choice before. Better that then to stay Pro-Choice and ask us to trust that you'll fight for the Pro-Life movement.


Here's the thing though---Romney was pro-life UNTIL he got to Massachusetts and THEN he has a life experiece(some would call it expedience)that sends him pro-choice. And so convieniently when he decides to run for the GOP presidential nomination AGAIN has a life experience(read-convienience)and now is pro-life again.

Is there any doubt he'd have another life experience if it suited his political interests?


Ronald Reagan was once Pro Life. He changed his position and I voted for him. I am glad I did. I thik that Romeny is best candidate we have in 08. Anyone not voting for him because of this Video needs to look at the views of McCain and Giulliani.

Silence Dogood

Look, all the die-hard Romney supporters in Orange County have just recycled the Schwarzenegger vs. leftist candidate argument go-along-to-get-along Republicans made to conservatives: he's better than that other guy.

So what?! That gets jack out of me!

No contributions. No phone calls. No neighborhood get togethers. No motivation.

At most - at most! - it gets me to press a button when I have a line of prospective voters waiting for me to vacate the booth on primary day.

NeoCon, get your facts straight. I presume you meant to assert that President Reagan was, "once PRO-CHOICE." That assertion is flat wrong! It's based on the point that an abortion legalization measure passed into law in California after Reagan's first year as Governor.

But let me quote Judge William P. Clark's foreword to the book President Reagan published on the subject titled, "Abortion & the Conscience of the Nation." According to Reagan's offical biographer, Edmund Morris, Judge Clark was the only person in the Gipper's entire two terms that had any kind of spiritual intimacy with the president. I have the book open right in front of me. Clark writes, "Perhaps [Reagan's] greatest disappointment in public life occurred in his first year in office. As the new California Governor, he was confronted by one piece of legislation which proposed liberalizing access to legal abortion. By a lopsided majority, the bill raced through the legislature, following the lead of other 'progressive' states. Members of his staff had pointed out that the veto he planned would be overridden by the commanding majority of the opposition party in the state legislature. The Governor went into semi-seclusion for a long weekend. There he studied the moral, legal, and medical aspects of abortion, and the extensive reach of the other life issues. He later emerged, saying, 'When this subject arises again, we shall be prepared.'"

Clark explains to readers that President Reagan's convictions were nurtured by his mother, Nelle, and reinforced early in life by the loss of his three-day-old daughter, Christina.

Ronald Reagan has always been pro-life.

The next time a Romney fan gets their Reagan facts wrong will be the last time I ever consider voting for the flip flopping former Governor of Taxachusetts.


If you think the video with Kennedy was bad, watch this one of his 2002 gubernatorial campaign debate:


David Glick

You people need to get a grip on your criticism of Mitt Romney. Who else are you planning on voting for? Guiliani? Please. The man is pro abortion, pro-gay marriage, anti-gun, and was a very polarizing, divisive mayor - as a New Yorker, I should know. If Guiliani wins the nomination, it will mean the end of the Republican party as we know it. We (collectively) will have abandoned our moral ideals just for the sake of trying to win a presidency. Quite frankly, the only real difference between Hillary Clinton and Guiliani is their stance on foreign policy - though even that is hard to tell, as Guiliani hasn't really spoken much on policy, just a lot of 9/11 rhetoric. Are you aware of Guiliani's past (very recent) behavior? Do you honestly think a man who informs his wife via news conference that he is going to divorce her is fit to be president? How about being married to his 2nd cousin for over a decade and then getting an anullment claiming he never knew? How about moving out of the mayoral mansion in NYC (due to the fallout from aforementioned news conference - yes he was mayor at the time!) and moving in with a gay couple?
Are you aware that Guiliani once said that he would pay for his daughter to have an abortion if she needed one? Mitt Romney who has always been personally and morally opposed to abortion would certainly never have said the same thing. At one time in his life, Mr Romney simply did not feel it was his right to impose his moral views on others. Thankfully, along the way he has had a change of heart. But he has ALWAYS been personally opposed to such behaviors.
It seems a bit hypocritical to be ripping apart Mitt Romney, married once for 37 years, whose PERSONAL LIFE proves him to be an upstanding individual, while praising Guiliani and McCain (don't get me started on him), whose personal lives say the opposite. Pardon the French, but what the hell is wrong with you people?!?
It is obvious after the last election, that many of the American electorate have lost faith in the Republican party. If either Guiliani or McCain gain the presidency they will bring further divisiveness to this country and greater turmoil. It will take decades, if ever, for the Republican party to recover and regain the trust of the American people. Mitt Romney, truly is our last hope.


It's mindboggling that a nation with 300 million people has an army of 2 million counting on one general (Petraeus) as its last savior in Iraq and a Republican Party of millions propping Romney as its last hope for 2008.

Where is all of our talent?


I love it. Conservative California Republicans, who tend to look their gift horse(Arnold)in the mouth, seem to be walking away from John McCain and the true conservatives in the race(Brownback and Huckabee).

That leaves "RINO" Rudy and "FLIP FLOP" Mitt
to carry the banner of Ronald Reagan. Wow.

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