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February 27, 2007



Rebecca: thanks for your comments. It's refreshing to see someone who's consistant, regardless of their political ideology.

What is interesting to note, and has pretty much been overlooked in this discussion are the comments made by Supervisor Bill Campbell yesterday concerning the disqualified absentee ballots due to markings, and the correlation to the instructions on those ballots.

Now we know that Jubal and others think Neal Kelly is the greatest thing since sliced bread. But clearly, Campbell was pointing out a fundamental flaw in the manner in which Kelly disqualified marked ballots. Clearly, if the instructions specify that ballots shall not have an "identifying" feature, such as a signature or initials, but are silent to other markings, then it is reasonable to expect that voters would be completely unaware that other markings, such as the flower he mentioned, would cause their ballot to be tossed.

And this issue is a key element of the lawsuit that has been filed.

Supervisor Campbell also stressed the premise of all elections concerning the intent and will of the voter. At what point in time do "technicalities" override the intent or will of the voter, in particular in situations where instructions to the voter may be ambigous.

It was not long ago that Mr. Kelly was caught up in another controversy surrounding "technicalities" based on conflicting guidance, and clear ignorance of the law (CUSD Recall), that ultimately led to a revamping of the process for recall processing in that office.

I can't speak for Supervisor Campbell, or any of the other Supervisors, but I suspect that the real reason that this decision was delayed was because they do not have faith in Mr. Kelly's reasoning for disqualifying many of those ballots, for either side, and do not want to seat a Supervisor that may end up being removed from office due to a court action that invalidates their Registrar of Voters certification.

I also suspect that Mr. Kelly has some explaining to do that was not part of the discussion yesterday. There continues to be controversy surrounding his office in every election, and I suspect that this Board of Supervisors is getting a little tired of it.

Bruce Cohen

Confusion on the part of County elected and appointed officials can be good.

It's the local version of Congressional gridlock.

From the Recent LA Times Article:

"I'm getting a little confused," Supervisor John Moorlach said.


Dave --
I don't support Janet, nor Trung. I wasn't wild about Umberg either. But I have been critical of Trung's press releases which are more mean than newsworthy and the photoshopping was worth a chuckle. Janet is a conservative Republican; she may be nice personally, but I don't care for her political positions.

For for "Real Liberals": "It is modern liberals who want to destroy families by allowing gay marriage (uh oh - that is hate speech)." Please explain to me how gay marriage destory families? I thought divorce is what destroys families? Better still, watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7ucnO3d2oY

"Modern liberals have crippled public education by protecting inferior teachers and blocking attempts at vouchers."

Silly me, I thought it was "No Child Left Behind" whcih actually teaches kids how to pass a test rathe than develop critical thinking skills. You are free to send your kids to any private school of your choice. But you pay for it. If you want to send them to public school for a "free" education, move to where the good schools are or work to make your neighborhood school better.

Green Machine


I actually met with Brett Franklin and liked what I heard. I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions on my vote.

Morning Coffee


You're right..next time my Rep neighbors and I have a discussion, I need to get you over here:)

how come everybody either lost vote or remained the same number of votes and janet gained vote? can anyone explain?


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