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February 28, 2007


Life's truths

I predict that each time Carlos loses another election politics will become less and less a part of his life. Congratulations Carlos on growing your family.


What???? Do you mean Art posts BS and does not check his facts? Say it isn't so. So much for integrity eh Art?

Congrats Carlos!

Bruce Cohen, the esteemed County Chairman of the Libertarian Party, summed up Art Pedroza's habit of lying to hurt whoever he's made at, in another posting where he exposed what we all have come accustomed to expect from Pedroza: He (Pedroza) has an "allergy to accuracy." Brilliant quote, Bruce!

By the way Jubal, you're too kind - it wasn't a rumor; it was a lie!

Congratulations to Carlos and Adriana Bustamante on the arrival of their 3rd precious child! May God Bless the newest addition to your family.


Carlos is a class act. My family and I saw him over the weekend at Discovery Science Center. He was there sans infant and wife, but had promised his two other kids a shot at the Elmo/Seasme Street "Body" exhibit (very cool by the way). He has his priorities in order and if higher office comes, I am sure he will be more than able to tackle the job. If not, he is a happy guy and contributing to the future in a more meaningful way any how.

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