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February 28, 2007


Why not Mark Leyes?

I think Mark would be awesome for this job.

Paul Lucas

Am I the only one who finds it ironic to see a Government job posting on OC Blog?

Re Mark Leyes

• "Ability to prepare timely, complete, clear and concise reports; maintain accurate statistical information; understand legal contractual and lease documents; prepare complex financial reports and a variety of presentations"

Unfortunately, the above requirement takes Mark out of consideration considering the New Math lesson he shared with us yesterday.

Does anyone have the over/under on how long an anti-Leyes post stays up on the OC Blog?


Disagreement with any and all posters and commenters is fine.

But making personal attacks against any and all posters and commenters has always been against the rules here.

If you want to personally trash people -- anonymously or otherwise -- you might try Orange Juice. You don't even have to be truthful.

A Leyes Fan

Theses pointless attacks on Councilman Leyes (Retired) need to stop !!! Councilman Leyes was one of, it not, the greatest member of the Garden Grove City Council in the history of the city. The Garden Grove Council today is itself a shadow of the glory days when Councilman Leyes lead this All American City.

When Councilman Leyes held the reigns of power Garden Grove was a bright shining City on a Hill – a beacon of light just as Rome and Athens in day.

Since retiring from his official duties of city governess Councilman Leyes has had to witness the rapid decline of his beloved municipality. Today Garden Grove is but a shell of its former self, tarnished by the power hunger mob that attempts so foolishly copy the success story that was the Leyes years. If the Orange County BOS have any courage, they would throw out this poor excuse of an election and appoint Mark Leyes to the 1st Sup Seat. Mark Leyes- A great leader and great human being.

clapping of hands

Well said, Mark. Not necessarily true, but well said!


"A Leyes Fan" and "Re Mark Leyes" are the same person.

Pete Fundy

Pete Fundy is well qualified for this position. Or, at least qualified enough to BS my way through the interview.

Thanks for the tip, Jubal, and sorry about the latest issue of OCLegend.Com. It's not my fault.

Warmly yours,
Pete Fundy
Senior Editorial Writer

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