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January 16, 2007


Shawn Fago

Umberg reminds me of Mr. Burns with his strange hand gestures.

Anon. Deputy

The retirement program books are a non-issue. We've had the audits done the past few years with the county CEO's nod of approval. The books are a topic Moorlach and Norby have cooked up to make it appear something is wrong. Greenhut capitalized on the "Books" because it make interesting headlines. As stated before our fund is managed better than the county. Moorlach is not the superstar you all make him out to be. Norby and Moorlach don't agree with the benefits the previous County elected Supervisors approved for us. I do understand the need for fiscal responsibilty but I have a hard time swallowing it when a lifetime office boy thinks I don't derserve my benefits. Unless you live it, you will never know what we give up to do this job (former Marshall's not included they work 9-5 and make coffee for the judges, that includes you Mike Carona).

What a large crowd of voters!

I think I just figured out why only two candidates showed up. There are maybe 20 people in the room and none of them are undecided voters. Waste of time.

AOCDS member


What's the question or concern that you have?

FYI - the question and the subsequent answers are the result of the misrepresentations from Moorlach and Norby.

Moorlach and Norby both made irresponsible public statements that an audit have never been done, when they had. Norby knew this and disregarded the truth in order to turn public opinion against AOCDS.

Both have since publically stated that past audits were completed - but in order to save face and keep the issue going, they now say that the audits don't answer all of their questions.

The question at this forum was about the candidate's positions on an audit of the AOCDS health care trust (I have restated the actual question).

The question implies that an audit has never been done and AOCDS is stonewalling having one done in resisting an audit.

That is wrong.

The candidates at the forum did their best answering a bad question; trying to prove a negative.

Bustamante said he would call for an audit and peace officers should submit to them... and he will be comfortable knowing that AOCDS has done what he wants.

Umberg stated that audits have been done and submitted (he said to the IRS) and... his statement somewhat confirms what AOCDS has done.

So, both candidates want an audit of the AOCDS health care trust fund.

Great, audits have been done and will continue.

I guess that I missed the point, Jubal.

Until someone holds Moorlach and Norby accountable for their irresponsible comments the false public perception will continue to harm public safety and AOCDS members.

Monkey business

Good Point, I think most in the room have already made up their minds. I suppose the endorsement is a nice thing to have, but I doubt it will make much of a difference in such a short election cycle.

Shawn Fago

AOCDS Member; Anon Deputy,
Why not just open up the books and put this issue to bed? If there is nothing to hide then open the books. The "Trust" contains public money and we (the public) have a right to be sure that our public dollars are being managed properly. I don't understand what the problem is here.

The best way to silence your critics is to prove them wrong. So please do us all a favor and open the books already. You guys look guilty of mismanagement before there is even an accusation. Why not re-insure the publics trust by opening the books?


Cheesy move with the kid.

I wish I had a Mom to pick up the kids Carlos.

This epitimizes why neither of these guys represent the 1st district.

One does'nt even live there and the other is too cheap or too stupid to pay for child care.

AOCDS member


Because AOCDS has complied with the contract with the County of Orange, which is to submit the audit report to the CEO.

The CEO has it. He has reviewed it. He has no questions or concerns.

The issue has nothing to do with the public trust, Shawn. It's about politics and power. Moorlach and Norby want both.

BTW- how will a public display of the books keep your neighborhood safer?


Yeah, what an idiot -- wanting to take care of his child himself rather than palm her off on daycare.

Non issue

It looked like the girl is lucky to have such a loving father.


Opening the books to the public will keep our pocket books safe.

Green Machine

I think bringing your kid to an endorsement interview with a bunch of retired folks is nothing short of shameless pandering! I can't believe he turned his kid into a prop! I'm only kidding! But seriously Jubal...you would've ripped Umberg if he had done the same. The underlying impression Bustamonte left is that he is to busy raising his kid to manage a job as a Supervisor.

Picture Uncle Norby and Uncle Moorlach taking turns holding Bustamonte's kid while he speaks on a subject....not a pretty picture.

Green Machine


AOCDS gets the same amount of money per person that every other county employee does. AOCDS does a better job managing their fund than the county did when they managed AOCDS medical care. The most recent audit showed that they are managing the fund properly and Norby stated in his own newsletter that there was acountability. Of course that was before Moorlach gave him his marching orders.

Art Pedroza

This is right out of Pulido's playbook. Pulido left a council debate this summer because he claimed he didn't have anyone to look after his kids.

Give me a break! Bustamante can afford private school for his kids, surely he can afford child care as well. Bringing them to a debate is ridiculous. What a dope...

AOCDS staff, with each excuse for why not to share the books the audit becomes all the more neccessary. I was against the audit and have come 180 on the issue solely because of all the excuses. Give it up or shut up.

Green Machine

There was an audit. Shortly thereafter Supervisor Norby wrote "Sheriff’s Deputies Contract: Accountability At Last"

The new argument is that the audit wasn't good enough. As long as Supervisor Moorlach is in office, nothing ever will be.

Mark Leyes

"I think I just figured out why only two candidates showed up. There are maybe 20 people in the room and none of them are undecided voters"

I was there, with 50 other people. And several admittedly undecided voters who leaned toward one of the two candidates at the end. Umberg and Bustamante each got more votes in an hour in that room than they would have walking or phoning in the middle of a workday.

Tom and Carlos both deserve extra credit for showing up.


But seriously Jubal...you would've ripped Umberg if he had done the same.

Really, Green Machine? And you know that, how?


Give me a break! Bustamante can afford private school for his kids, surely he can afford child care as well.

Give the guy a break. I've been in similar situations myself, where child care just isn't available.

Art, are you privy to the exact details of the Bustamante childrens' daily schedule? Their ages. Whether or not they're in school? How many days a week? For how long each day?

No, you're not -- not that you ever let ignorance stop you from commenting.


I was one of the 40 or so "geezers" in the audience. Robin Umberg's quote about "don't believe a word he says" sure rang true.

That said, it's still about how much campaign rubber you can put on the road. At this point, IE's for Umberg are holding sway.

Where is Scott Baugh? Probably lining up some Republican crony to inartfully attack Umberg. The problem is they'll be too heavy handed and don't understand the mind-set of Democratic voters, which means Carlos loses.

Why doesn't Baugh get Californians United on the playing field. They almost beat Umberg in 2004 with a flawed candidate--Claudia Alvarez. In 2006, they pumelled Umberg in the primary and won 60-40.

I hate to admit it, but their campaign for that traitor Otto Bade was magnificient. I believe Californians United made the difference between Lynn's election and loss.
Forget about the number of votes Bade got, I bet a lot of Republicans didn't vote for Daucher because ofthe Californians United campaign.

Californians United seems to have a grudge against Umberg. Why not roll them out again? Because Baugh will get one of the Republican hacks to over-reach and gain sympathy and votes for Umberg.

This is really a Democratic front group. Why not let these unscrupulous Democrats dismantle Umberg? No one does Democrats like other Democrats.

Pride goeth before the fall. Unfortunately, the only one to fall will be Carlos Bustamante.

Or is the problem Lewis and Holder, who think they are the smartest people on the planet and don't want any competition?

Green Machine


It was a job interview. You don't show up at a job interview with your kid in your lap. If you do that anywhere else you don't get the job.

As a parent and a cop, I understand the difficulties of raising children and providing childcare. But when you show up to a job interview as a top county executive, you don't do it with your kid in tow. it might make a good photo op, but it doesn't look very professional.



You're stretching it with the job interview analogy. It was a candidate forum -- and a pretty informal one at that. I didn't get the impression anyone there minded or held it against Carlos.

Green Machine is diffinitely very very Green.

Green Machine

"It was a job interview. You don't show up at a job interview with your kid in your lap."

Let me guess, Green Machine is supporting Umberg.

I'm sure that "being a cop" you understand that Santa Ana police Association and Santa Ana Polce officers have had no problem with Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido towing his kids around at candidate forums.

Why do you have such a strong objection, when no officer in Santa Ana has had one?

Lighten up! It's all politics or tell Umberg to stop sending his (mailers)resume with a picture of his family at their Villa Park Home. Right, you don't get a job with a picture of your family on the resume. Maybe you did?

Green Machine

Just for the record, I don't have a "strong objection", A few posters got really sensitive about the subject and I was just having a little fun with it.

Jubal, I don't think its a stretch to call it a job interview, because thats what they were doing...interviewing with their prospective bosses for a job. It may not be in the traditional manner that a boss interviews a potential employee, but it was an interview nonetheless.


Yes, it is not a traditional job interview -- so it is a stretch to apply traditional job interview protocol like don't bring your kid.

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