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December 11, 2006


Phu are you?

Will he hurt the Democrat candidate's or the Vietnamise candidates? Adam P. can you please tell us? Speaking of Adam, who is he workng/polling for in this race?


Phu is a GREAT guy and looks like he'll be an excellent candidate.

Phu's friend

I know Phu personally. Although he's unknown to most of you, he's the next real BIG thing in the Vietnamese community. He helped Loretta Sanchez and Lou Correa in the last election, so Jubal, that answers your question about his party affiliations. Politically, he has more potential than all the other 10 Vietnamese politicians. But he has not run for office because he has a great job and doesn't need the BS that comes with a political office.

However, if Phu decides to run, he'd be the best candidate: A Democrat that can win huge crossover Vietnamese republican votes. He can definitely beat out Trung and Janet in the Vietnamese community. This guy is so well-liked and loved in his community.

Go Phu! We're with You!!!

Phu is Phat and will file Friday for sure!

Janet will pull out and save her $$$ if Phu goes forward and files. Especially if Umberg files as well. She knows she can't match his cash and will want to keep her powder dry for another future election battle. Expect lots of strong talk from her but no return of papers. Same with Carlos if Claudia files. Both want to save the cash for future battles/Mayors races.

Who is the Vietnamise Scott Baugh?

We saw Scott Baugh with his come to Jesus you can't all run meeting with GOP candidates but who is going to do the same with the Viet candidates? And then who will call a meeting to clear the field for just one Latino? Looks like it will be egg nog and fundraising this holiday season!

Pho Food Fight with Phu Filing

So who woke up the sleeping Giant?

Art Pedroza

Phu will hurt Rosen and Umberg more than he will hurt Janet. She remains the only conservative in the race, whereas Phu is apparently anything but a conservative.

Bustamante will likely pull out if Umberg files. Then we can take him off the Santa Ana City Council in two years.

Phu's candidacy will screw Trung's and Janet's plans

Phu is not a conservative, but he'll screw any chances Janet and Trung have of getting Vietnamese votes, which are mostly republicans. If Phu stays in, Janet and Trung's political careers are over!

Vietnamese Scott Buddha Baugh

I ain't as big as Baugh so I can't control my posse in Little Saigon...


I'm I the only one who thinks Art Pedroza brings a Baghdad Bob quality to his comments about Carlos Bustmante. He's like a robot -- a Pedrozabot!

Thang Hoang

Phu Nguyen in 2003


Baghdad Bob & Art Pedroza

I agree with Pedrozabot. No matter who enters or leaves the race it will be good for his girl Janet! If Art says it often enough will everyone on this blog believe Janet is a "conservative"? Come to think of it has anyone ever seen Baghadad Bob and Art Pedroza at the same time in the same place? That's what I thought.


Phu never claimed to be a conservative, as far as I can tell.
And I saw some data recently that showed the Republican party losing ground among Vietnamese registrants. Not to Democrats, but instead to Decline to State. Now if I can only remember where I read this...
It looks like Phu is well-positioned to appeal to the younger, DTS Vietnamese voter. Now the trick will be turning them out.

Everygroup splits their voting base and Latino voters don't stray so Claudia Wins

Come on tin foil hatless fellows!

Most would agree, except Pedroza, that race and/or ethnicity will be a factor in this elction's outcome.

I believe this blog had a week or two ago the demographic breakdowns because most acknowlede that race /ethnicity will be a factor. It's so funny how Art P. first said that Trung Nguyen and now Phu Nguyen will not be factors but asked they resign immediately. If they are not a factors then why are you asking for their resiganation.

Consider this.

There should be no question that a high percentage of Vietnamese voters will vote for a Vietnamese candidate regardless of their political affiliation.The Vietnamese community is very loyal to supporting candidates that have the same concerns, issues and experiences. Yes, this leads to why Vietnamese voters supporting Vietnamese candidates.

So then, with Phu Nguyen in the race and the sole Vietnamese candidate, who is a Democrat, that eliminates Janets and Trung chances of earning those Democratic and Decline to state Vietnamese voters.

This means Janet loses some more slices of the Vietnamese voting base.

On the other hand, one of Art P. wishes will become reality. Latino Republican candidate Carlos Bustamonte has absolutely no chance of winning because the Latino coomunity is holds a stronge allegiance to the Democratic Party than consider voting for Latino Republican.

Honestly, walked a Santa Ana precinct and tell any Latino voter that your are with the Republican party and see how far you get after they unleash the pit bulls. It's like a part of their religion, considering they would swear you to death at the doorstep with the Virgin of Guadelupe on their door.
Had Carlos Bustamonte told voters that he was a Democrat he couln't get elected to street sweeper.

The winner will be Santa Ana councilwomen Claudia if things work out where at least

Two Anglo candidates file(reality)
Three Vietnamese candidates file(reality)
Two Latino candidates file(reality)

2 Anglo candidates
+ 3 Vietnamese candidates
2 Latinos candidates
= Latino winner representing the Dem. party wins.(claudia Alvarez)

One who doesn't know

"Had Carlos Bustamonte told voters that he was a Democrat he couln't get elected to street sweeper."

I think you meant Republican.

nombre i.d. solomente

This race won't be decided by money. It will be who can get the most votes out of old white people. The two hispanic voters and the 10 vietnamese voters who will vote in this special will be irrelevant. Name I.D. is the whole show.


Impersonating others is not allowed -- even jokingly.


Nice photo of Phu with Gray Davis---but don't overestimate the impact of the hit piece....Daucher mailed out a ton of hit pieces with Lou, Gray and Sharon together but Lou won.

Phu is Nothing

Both Janet and Trung will finish ahead of Phu Nguyen. He won't be a factor in this race.


I agree with the previous commenter. This Phu guy is completely unserious.

Phu is Running

Seems like Trung and Janet's people are scared of Phu.

Janet is Running - SCARED!

Money cant buy you love.

Mike Novick

Maybe Phu and Ryan Gene can get together and form the "Delusions of Grandeur Alliance"..

Will B. King's Tool?

Mike, who are you suggesting Phu is a tool for? It seems that if he enters the race, he takes away Democratic votes for Umberg and Rosen, and he also takes away Vietnamese republican votes from Janet and Trung. So, if he's hurting all those candidates, who is he a tool for? Wait, you're right, maybe he's the King's tool?

Mike Novick

Are you kidding? Umberg & Rosen have spent a lot of money along with years of community involvement to build their name ID and their voter base. In a low-turnout election, its gonna be difficult for Phu to gain any kind of significant traction. Same thing with the Vietnamese community, they know Janet & Trung well. If Phu is really that good, why run now?

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