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December 18, 2006


No Nguyen Situation

Is it 5 Nguyen's or 5 Vietnamise candidates??

Dust in the Nguyen

U R right. 1 Phan. 4 Nguyens. All losers.

You can't Nguyen them all!

Looks like Trung may take the most conservative candidate award thus far. Other than Bagad Art Pedroza..does anyone willing to sign their post know of any proof that Trung is not the most conservative person in the race thus far?


Trung was not always registered a republican.... Also what proof does he have to stand on that he is conservative.

Art Pedroza

Please. The only reason Trung and most of the other Nguyens are running is to try to undermine Janet Nguyen - because Van Tran doesn't like having competition. That is rather insecure of him.

I hope clearer heads will prevail and Trung and the other Trannies will pull out of this crowded field. All they are doing is handing the seat to a Democrat - or even worse to Carlos Bustamante. What sort of victory would that be?

OC Watcher

Looks like the reason that Janet is running is to try to undermine Trung Nguyen.

Every Vietnamese elected official in the State has endorsed Trung. He is on track to raise $250K-plus. He currently represents more of the district than anyone else running (GG School District includes GG, part of Westminster and west Santa Ana). He received 10,000 more votes than Janet when they were both on the ballot in 2004. He hired Tom McClintock's District Director to run his campaign.

About "proof" of conservatism: Janet has worked for Cynthia Coad and Ken Maddox, two of the biggest proponents of the dreaded Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) that Art Pedroza warns us about. And her voting record on City Council has not demonstrated a conservative philosophy. In fact, she has ducked several controversial votes.

Janet should throw away her candidate papers, make up with the Vietnamese community, and save her money for another campaign. Maybe she should wait and run against Loretta Sanchez in 2008.

Trung the spoiler.

the GGUSD has how many registered Voters Um yeah I forget 200000k

GG has how many yeah 80k

Looks to me Janet can bring out the voter base with what your telling me holds true than Trung is an idiot and can't get any crossover votes.

Oh yeah you also got to vote for 3 people in his election out of 5.... and in Janet's election you got to vote for 2 out of 9. So what is your point.

Trung has also stated he is Pro Life and Pro Gay marriage.

Janet has fought and won successfully agaisn't Pla's. Just because you higher and work someone doesn't make you a conservative or non conservative. Janet already has the monies and is pulling it in. Hey Trung how was that fundraiser you did on Sunday....

Nguyener's never quit!

So is this the last candidate named Nguyen that will be entering the race for Supervisor? I mean...how many people named Nguyen can there be in the district? This must be all of them, right? Is Nguyen the Smith of surnames in the Vietnamise community? I wonder how many more Nguyen's have political hopes and dreams? This is crazy!

Nguyen will it end

This race is bringing out many who have absolutely zero chance of winning, but get to see their name in the press, if for only a couple of minutes.

Nguyen will it end, Nguyen will it end?

OC Watcher

"the GGUSD has (200,000) registered Voters ... GG has ... 80k"

Thanks, good point! That's another reason Trung is a far superior candidate to Janet. A voter base more than twice as large and in all three cities in the district!

Every parent of every kid in the school district has seen Trung Nguyen's name dozens and dozens of times over the last two years. The title alone will probably get him elected! And Janet just got stripped of any title in Garden Grove.

Trung is the real deal. Janet is the spoiler.

Trung is the man!

Janet's name is a problem for her and will cost her lots of votes. She uses an English name because she is ashamed of her REAL Vietnamese first name. She sounds like a sell-out in the Vietnamese community compared to Trung who is not embarrassed by his Vietnamese name. Anglos will focus on the “Nguyen” and vote against her...Vietnamese will see her trying to play up the "Janet" fake name and see her as a sell out. That's two strikes Janet and disin' the Buddhist community by voting against the Temple makes her a 3 striker! We all know what happens to 3 strike offenders!

To Nguyener's never quit!:

There are about 14,500 registered voters in BOS Dist 1 with the last name "Nguyen" out of some possible 47,000 registered voters with typical Vietnamese last name, or just under 31%. Yeah, I guess you can say that Nguyen is the Smith of Vietnamese.

Please don't tease us Janet!

When is Janet going to file? What is she waiting for? Each day she waits..two more people named Nguyen pull papers because they think she is not serious! Run Janet Run!

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