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December 02, 2006


Trung Nguyen

UCLA pulls off shocker against No. 2 USC. The Bruins stunned their crosstown rivals 13-9. USC's bid for a third straight appearance in the national title game was over!

Trung Nguyen

The plan to slow down USC worked perfectly. Nobody gave UCLA any chances to win this game against the over-rated 2nd rank USC because UCLA had lost to USC six years in a row since 1999. This win is very sweeeeeeeeet. Go Bruins. Go Bruins.

Gustavo Arellano

Go Bruins!


Is that University California Left on Adams?


...are we forgetting that USC lost to Oregon State also?

I fail to understand how USC can lose to unranked Oregon State and be ranked number 2 and Michigan can be #2 already and then lose to #1 OSU and then move down to number 3...perplexing.

Well, I'm glad to see my tax dollars supporting the team that won, at the very least.

Elroy El

USC was not scary good this year so it's not surprising -- they've been escaping the close loss all year.

H/T to the Bruins. Well coached and well played.


It's gotta be pretty tough for USC. Not only did it lose to UCLA despite dumping more money into its football program than any other college, it's still a second tier school (but great regional school).


Don't worry USC fans theirs always Basketball season...oh that's right..UCLA dominates in basketball too!


I mean there's ...damn public education!

Trojan's Are Disposable...

U-C-L-A, Go! Fight! WIN!!!

For all you OCGOP USC Alums, days like this make you feel guilty Mom & Dad had to sell their house to keep you in school, huh???

I literally did expect to see USC pull it out in that last minute, but that Interception is something that will make Highlight Reels for CENTURIES to come!!!

aria ghafari

when that interception happened that whole stadium exploded


Now I have to listen to my friends say here is another Blue victory over the Reds. I didn't even need the 14 points.

One Who Knows


Now that this minor distraction has passed, let's get back to politics.

Elroy El

UCLA fans should gloat over this victory as long as possible. USC lost 11 of last years starters to the NFL. That means they didn't lose good players. They lost great players. USC was headed towards playing for another national championship during a REBUILDING year.

When the current crop of kids matures, it will be a different story.

I got a kick out of Art. If USC had the taxpayers subsidizing the school, it too would have the same reputation. But it chooses to rely on the individual students instead of slopping it up at the public trough. Something I thought conservatives admired.

Art Pedroza

Go Bruins! Nice to see a public school prevail over the elitist snobs at USC...


Yes, rebuliding year...what a weak excuse, particularly in light of the fact that USC has had the top recruiting class for 5 straight years. USC should do its students and alumni a favor and focus on trying to become a well-respected academic instution, instead of second rate school with a great football program.


"...elitist snobs..."

A little jealous Art Pedroza? Did you once apply at USC and get rejected?

USC and UCLA are both great universities, (although USC is a little better). Get over it Art, and don't be so jealous...it demeans you.

Elroy El

Both arts are prime examples of why "Envy" is a deadly sin.

Scott Carpenter

We will rise again...OJ Mayo, remember that name in basketball season next year....

One Who Knows Better

Even the ill-written Proposition 90 could not have changed the fact that effective 12/2/06 a public entity has taken ownership of a private entity, Los Angeles and Orange counties. UCLA owns you and your Booty, 'SC.

Must be horrible to go from a National Championship hopeful to a National Embarssment in just hours. It was sweet to see the Trojans bolt off the field right after that loss along with Pete with their silver spoons between their legs at the Rose Bowl yesterday.

Boo-Hoo Buffy from Newport

Does anyone need a splendid timeshare in Glendale, AZ to use in early January? Mummy and Daddy gave me the keys but now I am I just going to stay in our Beverly Hills home and go to the Rose Bowl where my belowved Trojans have lost two straight. Oh, the pain....I am off to Burke Williams for a spa and then shopping at Fashion Island. Toodles.


I don't think any sane person would think USC is better than UCLA academically. USC is the school for people that got rejected from the UCs and CSUs.

Elroy El

It is obvious from the postings of the UCLA fans which school's fans have more class. And that award clearly goes to USC. I don't recall seeing any threads from this time frame last year of USC fans gloating over the shellacking they gave UCLA. I believe the score was something like 65-20? I'll let one of the fans correct me if I'm wrong.

And James. For the record. I was accepted to both USC and UCLA. I attended CSUSB because I was needed to help my single mom raise my two siblings. Going to a school near home was a necessity.

Get over yourself.


Because unlike those previous games that USC won over UCLA, this one was the best and the most important. UCLA's win KILLED USC's national championship dream. In addition, this is a victory for an underdog team against a South Central team that all but anointed itself kings of NCAAF.

UCLA's still too blue for my taste, but unlike USC, at least the freshmen get in through MERIT, and not whether daddy's daddy was an alum. Great for OJ's kids for sure but makes for a crappy school.

Elroy El

If you really believe all those athletes got in through academic merit you are surely naive.

And while UCLA ruined a national championship bid it still doesn't justify the preening going on by UCLA fans. While you claim that USC had annointed itself the kings of the NCAAF, I have yet to read or hear any type comment or proclamation from either the university or its coaching staff.

So enjoy your win. Your comments and pejoratives about USC's location in LA only reinforces your no class act.

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