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December 07, 2006


Que Bueno

Is this a Christmas message or an attack on the Board for being tyrants reminecent of Communist Vietnam?


Your brother is not fighting for "freedom." He's fighting for George W. Bush.

And giving up on Garden Grove so you can take a crack at a position with a six-figure salary is nothing to wave a flag about, either.


Funny that it's rare that the men and women doing the fighting in Iraq share your opinion, "wakeup"

But what do they know?


They know a hell of a lot less than Janet. At least she knows where the money is.

Don't Mix X-mas with Fundraising!

I'm I the only one who thinks it's just a little bit tacky to send out a request for funds like this?

They know a hell of a lot less than Janet.

Look -- John Kerry is commenting on OC Blog!


John Kerry -- another US veteran who is good at throwing in the towel early

Who does the baby Jesus endorse?

this campaign letter has more cliche's than a xmas card and about as much sincerity.

why should we vote for someone because her brother is in the army? isnt carlos bustamante a veteran himself?

Si Se Puede

This campaign brought to you by Hallmark.

Bustamonte's a Bust!

Yea..i think Bustamonte was dodging paper clips in some mid-west town WAY pre 9-11! I'd like to see his discharge papers. Why hasn't he made them public???


What about her other brother....How come she doesn't talk about him.

This lady should take a trip back to Vietnam to see the country - she is spreading a lot of untruths and dividing the Vietnamese people, just to get votes and sympathy. President Bush just visited there, and Vietnam is in the WTO. The country has changed a lot, and if you go there and ask the man on the street, they will say they are pretty happy and optimistic.

Elroy El

The country has changed a lot, and if you go there and ask the man on the street, they will say they are pretty happy and optimistic.

or the party hacks take them out back and shoots them.

Little Saigon

Actually, President Bush is trying to alienate Vietnamese voters.

Bush and the Republican Party have been getting pretty beaten up in the Vietnamese Press over this.

While Bush was saying Vietnam has religious freedom, the Vietnamese government was arresting religious leaders.

That said, Little Siagon will not be voting for Janet.

Janet No-Win


I want to know where you stand on this race? Who are you endorsing?

Nguyen - Gilliard
Bustamante - Lewis

Two good friends here, right?

What kind of campaign sends out a campaign contribution request to Republicans and mispells the first name of their candidate?

I believe that would be the fourth or fifth error in a news release coming from Janet's campaign.

Seriously, how about a little more proof-reading. This is a ridicules way to start a campaign.

It is a terible reflection on Janet candidacy and lends credibilty to the idea that being a political consultant does not require a english or rocket science degree.

On the other hand, this may be not a stupid mistakes and may be intentional.

Do we all remember how Janet's previous campaigns focused on her last name, Nguyen. Her handlers may be focusing on all the Anglo voters with her Double Fonted First name and her last name spelled "Ngyuan".
Consider the fact that she raised about 98% of her campaign money from a few Vietnamese indiduals. She obviously has not proven she can raise funds in other communities.

Lastly, lets not be surprised if Mrs. Nguyen starts doing the Hillary or Loretta name change and start calling herself city council person "Janet Ngyuan-Butkowski." Doesn't sound Vietnamese at all and may get more anglo voters

The Vietnamese community will not be supporting someone who is so ashamed of her last name enough that she drops it so to get more funding or votes.

Art Pedroza


Yes, it is true that some Vietnamese "leaders" are offended that Janet married a Caucasian. Shame on them! They are racist.

Janet is the only conservative in this race. Bustamante is a squishy former Democrat. Trung Nguyen already lost two elections this year. The only hope the OC GOP has of winning the First District is Janet.

Trung and Bustamante should drop out ASAP!

Paul Lucas

"That said, Little Siagon will not be voting for Janet."

Little Saigon 3:50pm

Are you trying to tell me that the Vietnamese Community will line up behind Trung Nguyen? Gimme a break. They didn’t come out for him to beat Kay Barr for Water Board. Trung is a joke and a lackey for Van Tran. I find it amusing that you take that community for granted to the point that you think you can play them as fools like this. Sure a few votes will go to Trung but it wont be because they think he is a better candidate than Janet. But merely because they may hold some grudge against Janet for some slight, (real or imagined) that they perceive.
Now if Kim Oahn Nguyen or Tony Lam were to enter the race then I would be concerned for Janet in regards to the Vietnamese vote.

I for one do not believe that the Vietnamese American Community is going to fall for van Trans ploy in this election. I predict that the community will be backing Janet by and large regardless of issues they may have with her, if for one reason not to be stuck with a clown such as Trung Nguyen to represent them on the BOS.

Janet will have to take the fight to the other candidates in this race. Not to Trung.

Janet Ngyuan is a political opportunist

"Yes, it is true that some Vietnamese "leaders" are offended that Janet married a Caucasian. Shame on them! They are racist."


I'm sure that every other ethnic community has the same percentage of bad apples that frown upon race mixing.

Why do you always thow out allegations without stating the facts. Who are these so-called "racist "Vietnamese leaders"?

"Janet is the only conservative in this race"

Janet is a political opportunist who forsees that her only hope of staying in a political office is to hope for a win in a special election.

Honestly Art, you point out that candidate Trung lost two times this year but have your your endorsed local candidates done much better. Lets reflect. Considering the candidates that actually asked for your endorsement and exluding Republican incumbents representing safe seats I see you are batting 0%.

My point was that I believe that the Vietnamese community will not be happy with someone who focuses their campaign on thier first name which is Caucasian sounding and little focus on her last name since it's obvious that Mr Trung will get alot of Vietnamese voters,considering Mr Tran endosement.

My point was that I believe that Janet is more of a opportunist who would claim to be a conservative candidate and a pro-Vietnamese and anglo if it meant she had a better chance of winning the race for the first district.


"Janet will have to take the fight to the other candidates in this race. Not to Trung."

So your saying that Janet will not focus on her base that elected her to the Garden Grove council. Yeah, you need to stop smoking the Dubbies because your saying she needs not shore her only concievable base, Vietnamese voters. No campaign money for Vietnamese voter outreach, take a seat.

Then I love how your internal polling shows that Van Tran is not as well know and respected as Kim Oahn or Tony Lam.

You talked about not making fools of the Vietnamese community but only a fool would claim to be the spokeperson for the Vietnamese community by talking to a half dozen Vietnamese. Try living, working,and eating in our community at least a few hours a week before you comment what on what the Vietnamese will or won't do.


The best qualified candidate will win the Supervisory seat in 1st District. Janet Nguyen is a top candidate.

Be civilized - no personal attack - let's select the candidate based on his/her qualifications and committment to serve. God Bless America.

As if!

You say the best qualified candidate will win. Then why is Janet a top candidate? She is one of the least qualified candidates for higher office in recent memory.

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