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December 07, 2006



Does this rose have thorns? Mimi's team shouldn't count their eggs before they're hatched, so to speak, with the Ackerman endorsement. Endorsements don't win an election. Remember Campbell's endorsement of Harkey? She didn't win in the end. She was a big loser. It's a lot of hard work and not a slam dunk. Looking forward to some healthy "real conservative" competition in the race for the 33rd District Seat. Ackerman had a struggle to retain leadership, and lame duck status may weaken this endorsement in the long haul. Time will tell. It may not be the runaway train in the end.

Art Pedroza

Ack-Ack also opposed Prop. 90. Who cares what he says?

Many conservatives opposed Prop 90, Art, because it strayed so far from its true intent. Even Senator McClintock, a conservative through and through, understood this and welcomed amendments to the legislation he co-sponsored with Assemblywoman Walters when Prop 90 was merely a bill. Obviously, some folks care what Senator Ackerman says.

Dave Swanson

I wouldn't call Harkey a "Big Loser" she lost by 236 votes. She had to overcome tremendous name ID that Harman had established for over 10 years in one of the district's largest cities. Endorsements are a good measurement for voters who don't know either candidate, but know and respect current leaders, thats why they bend over backward and do everything they can to tout certain endorsements.

South Co Republican

Bates support of Mimi helped her big time in her Assembly bid.

old news

Everyone pretty much saw this one coming a mile away. Whenever Ackerman tells Mimi to jump….she asks how high.

Classic example – Walters endorsement of Lynn Daucher over Van Tran in SD 34…..i guess her loyalty is paying off.

Craig Alexander

I agree with Dave Swanson, Diane Harkey was not a "big loser' in the special election for all the reasons he pointed out. She came from an almost no name recognition in the 35th Senate District to only 236 votes shy of being in Sacramento right now. In addition, she got Mr. Harman to understand clearly that you must pay attention to your local party elected officials and volunteers and their concerns. John Campbell's endorsement likely went a long way in Diane's campaign (along with her hard work during the campaign).

As for Mimi Walters, since being elected to the Assembly, she has proven to be a real leader of the Republican conservative movement. Prop. 90 was only one item. She refused to follow the "lets vote for bonds" crowd and she introduced legislation to curb voter fraud and reclassify possession of child pornography from a misdemeanor to a felony - both bills died in the Democrat controlled committees. This is to cite only a few things. Senator Ackerman's endorsement is both logical and proper given her excellent record of not just "holding" a seat but doing her best as part of the minority to advance the Republican agenda - including fiscal sanity with a Governor who needs to be reminded of what that is.

As one of her constituents who supported Jim Gibson against Mimi in the primary when she first ran for the Assembly, I am proud of her work and she has earned my respect and support. I am glad Senator Ackerman endorsed her.

Laguna Niguel Republican

The idiot who psoted that Mimi jumps at Ackerman's direction has no clue. In fact, she and Ackerman rarely agreed over the last few years on major issues, such as Prop. 90, the bonds and the bloated budget - Mimi coming down on the conservative side in every case.

Michelle Schumacher

I was very concerned to read in the Orange County Register that $480 million dollars has been spent on an experimental system to turn Orange County’s sewer water into drinking water.

Aside, from the very obvious health concerns, I do believe that this is just about the worst idea I have ever heard. Please let me know how this has come to be an acceptable idea for the citizens in Orange County to be sending them converted sewer water to drink, it would be fine for the landscaped areas but not for drinking water. If the residents knew about this preposterous plan that they would unite in disgust for the idea and demand a vote to be placed on the ballot and there is NO doubt that it would be stopped dead in its tracks.

The $480 millions dollars was a huge misused amount of money for this project and a fraction should have been spent on education for conservation.

It is time that communities and public officials in Orange County realize that our resources are scare and stop putting in thousand of new homes – we already can not sustain our own, water energy and sewer needs. I do not want sewer water flowing from my kitchen sink to wash and feed my family.

The sewer department needs to STOP with their regular “accidental” sewer spills every time before a rain. The management should be ashamed that they dump this waste into a living HABITAT. I see they must not be very concerned though (their track records speaks loud enough) but they like to dump sewage so much now they want all of Orange County to drink it.

It is my hope that the California Drinking Water Safety Board which seems to be comprised of one man, Rufus Howell, can put an end to this disgusting plan of 2 agencies who have historically had bad and improper management of resources and their daily job. One example of the bad management is that the sewer department constantly files for waivers to avoid compliance with the clean water act of 1973 – lets get up to date here it is 2008 and they still can’t figure out how to make a better process when the rest of the entire nation has????

It is time for less growth without the proper infrastructure put in place prior to meet the sewer, water and energy needs and to have more education so so much waste will not occur with these precious resources.

I hope that the sewer to water plan is immediately stopped so further collective action is not required by the citizens in Orange County.


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