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December 28, 2006


Station 18 inside joke

The comment is ironic, since San Clemente has the nickname "Stanton-by-the-sea" among those that know both patrol beats.

San Clemente Ain't Newport Beach

San Clemente is O.K. but this councilman ought to take a look in the mirror before putting down another city. San Clemente is full of what I like to call Basura Blanca.

slap happy


When's the last time you've ever step foot in Stanton.

I would bet on never!

Bust this down Mike

When was the last time Sheriff Corona stepped foot in Stanton other than to visit a strip club?


Thanks for making this point Jubal.Dtanton may not be the crossroads of vactionland it purports to be but it has alot more character then some other OC cities.

The boob Eggleston shouldn't be surprised if Stanton decides to start lobbying for the I-5 to expand by taking out homes & businesses in San Clemente.

Thanks anyway

Mr. Eggleston, I don't think Stanton wants the likes of you anywhere near it.


Commie Girl?


Yes Stanton is such a terrible city. I lived there for 29 years of my life and my family and I are friends with numerous members on the city council and they would never say an ill word towards another city like this guy did.


With so many LA county cities to pick-on, why did this boob pick on land-locked Stanton?

He could have bashed the City of Hawaiian Gardens, for example. Now that's something we can all behind!

-tylerh, posting from Washington D.C. Need any pictures from Ford's funeral?

Paul Lucas

I would rather be in Stanton than anywhere in the cutlural wasteland, color palette challenged, architecturally myopic, hedgmonic, souless, whole of South Orange County. Stanton, although blightyed in some areas at least has Character. San Clemente has some character but the rest of OC between San Clemente, and Costa Mesa can be cut off for all I care. Everytime I drive to work on Camp Pendelton I break speed laws. The place gives me the creeps.
Mr San Clemente can stay in SC. Leave the real world to real people.

Gustavo Arellano

The way Eggleston feels about Stanton is how I feel about Aliso Niguel.



When's the last time you've ever step foot in Stanton.

I would bet on never!

Actually, slap happy, I have been there plenty of times when I take my kids to Adventure City.


Seriously north of the El Toro Y the Inland Empire begins east of the 405


Eggleston's poor choice of words (to put it mildly) doesn't change the fact that there are some rough areas in Orange County, and that north OC has more than its share of them. There is a band of blight that starts in Santa Ana and snakes its way through Garden Grove and into Westminster, Stanton, Anaheim, and Buena Park. Add La Habra to that list. These are not some of the nicer places to live in our fair county.

That's not to say that south OC doesn't have its share of slums. There are some areas of San Juan Capistrano and Lake Forest that are not so wonderful.

And it's also not to say that north OC doesn't have pleasant areas. Yorba Linda, Anaheim Hills, Orange Hills, and the unincorporated area north of Tustin are quite upscale. Brea, Fullerton, and Placentia are charming (mostly).

Regular Joe

I live in a middle class neighborhood in Central Orange County. Every holiday is shared by neighbors and a friendly wave is the norm. Our lawns are neatly mowed and our homes are well cared for. They are not beachside mini-mansions, they are not 1/2 acre estates and our driveways are not decorative (just plain ole cement).

Mr. Eggleston demonstrates a lack of class and a snob mentalitiy that has no place in city government. Good people live in Stanton and they may not have the means that some of Eggleston's constituents may have, but they don't deserve to be stereotyped by such a cavalier attitude.

Andy Favor

Mr. Whipple,

I want to defend La Habra because when I went through there for what was likely the last time a few months ago, I was impressed that it appears to be improving. My wife's grandmother lived there until her passing this past summer. I have to say that it really looked better than when I first came into the family 24 years ago.

I cannot defend Mr. Eggleston's words though. Sad, very sad.

Irate San Clemente Constituent

I am one of Wayne Egglseton's chagrined constituents. While our press is generally wonderful, I'm sure we all know first hand that sometimes reporters mis-quote the people they interview. If the quote is inaccurate, then Wayne Egglesteon needs to say so. However, if the quote is accurate, then Mr. Eggleston owes an immediate apology to all of Stanton and San Clemente. Wayne?

I wish to thank the OCblog for the opportunity of posting a response.
I was mis-quoted by a LA Times reporter. That is not what I said and the reporter is well aware of it. I would never slam another city. My apoligies to the residents of Stanton.
Lesson: Do not co-operate with LA Times reporters as they are not trustworthy. I have dealt with Orange County Register reporters and they are of the highest quality.
Wayne Eggleston
Council member, San Clemente

Rick Collins

Mr. Eggleston seems to have a knack for blaming the press whenever he puts his foot in his mouth. It was reported once that he made statements that he had multiple death threats against him, via e-Mail and phone, by "someone" who opposed his property rights position. When challenged he promptly balmed the reporters by saying "I never said that and in fact I didn't even know that an article was being written".

On Stanton, what he really said was "I love Stanton and wish they would invite me, my politics and views on property rights to come and live there"...

I can but wish.

Rick - Someone who is still amazed that he was able to BS his way to re-election.


You called, Redperegrine? I thought Eggleston's comment was hilarious, and ballsy to slam another city as a representative of SC. My sister used to live in San Clem, by teh way, and it is a PIT of meth in a lot of areas. Anyhoo, Stanton's gross, and Eggleston's an idiot to claim he was misquoted. I really dislike that kind of dishonesty.

Update your resume

From Paul Lucas:

"the rest of OC between San Clemente, and Costa Mesa can be cut off for all I care"

Doesn't this guy work for Irvine? Maybe not anymore!

Bad Timing

“Two shot in Stanton, one dies” – OC Register


Don't show this to Eggleston; The Times might misquote him again!

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