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December 09, 2006


Elroy El

So much for 'staying the course.'


The OC register is a complete joke. The LA Times came out with the story yesterday about the developements in Anaheim. Getting scooped in your own back yard.

Gustavo's Abuela

Gustavo said: "widows and children of soldiers killed by the War on Terror"


The war on terror is killing our soliders?

Or is it the gun toting, IED leaving, suicide bomb wearing religious wackjobs also known as Islamic militants that are killing them?

Bad choice of words mijo


"Gustavo said: "widows and children of soldiers killed by the War on Terror."

That's the hip, ironic, anti-American way to speak of the war, abuela, and a deliberate choice of words, I'm sure.

With the newer Board of Sup in office is there a way the County can look at contracting its fire services to the Calif Dept of Forestry? From my understanding the communities served by the Forestry service are very happy and their costs are much lower than the 180k a year salary the current firefighters make.

Anyone know the answer?



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