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December 05, 2006


Coto Resident

How could Sundstrom not know about the Disney tax refund error until being told by a reporter, and his staff knew about it two weeks before? And now he is going to "review the policy"? What kind of an Auditor-Controller is that?

And why did it take Disney to discover the error? It is nice to know that they are honest and reported it back. And who in the county made such a glaring error in the first place?

I guess county government will never change, in spite of all the exhorbinant salary increases and pension perks that are going to bankrupt the county again.

Luckily we now have Moorlach and Bates who might do something about the lack of accountability of the buracracy, because Wilson and Silva never did, and Norby has been a huge disappointment in spite of what he would lead people to believe.


Here's OCTAspeak on the trumpeted 22 opening, er, not-quite-yet opening:

"I'm unhappy," said Art Brown, OCTA's board chairman. "The least they could've done is notify us in advance if they had that much more to do.

"We did the best we could with oversight and management," he said. "And they didn't report the problems they were having."

Art's trying to tell us that will all the high paid engineering talent over there at OCTA, no one in the agency could tell what the project staus was? They're still building the Magnolia bridge! Oversight? Management?

Pathetic, statement, really. They should really have Schubert/Flint handle their public statements from now on.

Oh well, at least they got their Measure M toy to play with.


Wow, future news! It's from two years in the future!

Red County/OC Blog News Roundup -- December 5, 2008

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