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December 30, 2006


John Moorlach, after reading about this incident in Fullerton would like to know why Fullerton Police Officers have better benefits than some other city employees:

Friday, December 29, 2006
Suspect dead in police shooting

The Orange County Register

FULLERTON - An early morning shootout between Fullerton police and two suspects Friday left one man dead and the other seriously injured.

The barrage of bullets was the culmination to what officials believe was a crime rampage that started in California's heartland.

Police said they fatally shot an unidentified man who tried to run them down with a car as the passenger shot at the officers, Fullerton police Sgt. Linda King said. Officials had not released the man's name as of 9 p.m. Friday because they said family hadn't been notified.

The passenger, Arthur Kenneth Gallardo III of Mendota, is in serious condition at UCI Medical Center in Orange, King said.

Gallardo, on probation for evading police in a stolen vehicle in 2004, according to court records, suffered several gunshot wounds.

Gallardo matches the description of a suspect who officers said carjacked two car salesmen at gunpoint in Madera and Fresno in early December, Fresno Police Department Sgt. David Ramos.

It appears that the same suspect and an unidentified man apparently made their way south after they robbed a pizza deliveryman at gunpoint, tied him up and stole his Chevrolet Malibu sedan Tuesday, Ramos said.

"We haven't been able to confirm," Ramos said "But the description matches and so does the vehicle."

An Orange County Transportation Authority bus driver saw the same model vehicle blocking the right lane of south Harbor Boulevard about 2:40 a.m. Friday and called police.

Officers who responded peered into the car window and found two men who looked asleep or unconscious. The driver held a shotgun in his lap. The passenger held a handgun, King said.

The officers called for backup and used a bullhorn to wake the passengers after other units arrived, King added. "The suspects were ordered to drop their weapons and exit the vehicle. They refused," King said. The driver started the car, ramming it into a police vehicle.

Police responded with gunfire, striking both suspects repeatedly, killing the driver and wounding the passenger, King said.

Gallardo has had several run-ins with law enforcement, Fresno court records indicate.

Most recently, he served jail time for spousal abuse. He was first charged with felony spousal abuse in May 2004 that was later dropped down to a misdemeanor violation.

A judge sentenced him to three years probation.

The Orange County District Attorney's Office will investigate Friday's officer-involved shooting, which is normal procedure for such incidents.

John Moorlach would also like to know why Santa Ana Police Officers receive better benefits then some other City employees. John Moorlach would also like to know why police officers need affordable medical insurance after retirement. Just because your shot protecting the public doesnt mean you should be treated any differently.....right Johnny? Keep up the stellar work their Johnny.

Death of a gunman
Cornered at a taco stand, suspect's luck ran out.

By Kristopher Hanson and Samantha Gonzaga, Staff writers
Long Beach Press Telegram
Article Launched:12/28/2006 10:48:26 PM PST

SANTA ANA - Surrounded by cops, his body riddled with bullets, Oscar Gabriel Gallegos clutched his .40-caliber Glock and prepared for what he surely knew would be the last seconds of his life.
With a laser sight attached to his semi-automatic gun and two ammunition clips in his pocket, Gallegos wasn't going without a fight.

Within a minute, he'd be dead, shot 15 times in the parking lot of a strip mall on a busy Santa Ana street, but not before unleashing a hail of gunfire on police for the third time in a week.

"He wasn't going to give up," said Santa Ana Police Chief Paul Walters on Thursday. "He was either gonna kill them or be killed, and fortunately, he was the one who was killed."

So ended the manhunt for a 33-year-old ex-convict suspected of shooting and seriously injuring two Long Beach police officers Dec. 22 during a traffic stop near downtown, then shooting again at police moments later as they raced to the aid of their injured colleagues.

Investigators received the break they needed Wednesday when Gallegos was tracked to Santa Ana, where he had apparently been laying low since the shooting in Long Beach.

Acting on information provided by an informant, undercover Long Beach officers traced Gallegos to the Santa Ana strip mall shortly before 5 p.m., where they watched from a distance as he stopped at El Taco Vaquero, a small restaurant in the 200 block of East Warner Avenue.

Gallegos placed an order for two burritos before making his way toward a small market a few doors away, said El Taco Vaquero owner Griselda Padilla.

Padilla also said Gallegos visited the restaurant several times before Wednesday because he had relatives who lived one street away.

As Gallegos was preoccupied, detectives contacted Santa Ana police, who dispatched a team of three elite SWAT officers to make the arrest.

As they prepared to confront him, a small team of Santa Ana officers checked their weapons and slipped into protective gear. They hoped the manhunt would end peacefully and Gallegos would surrender, Walters said.

It didn't happen that way.

At 5:10 p.m., as Santa Ana police swooped into the parking lot in a marked car, Gallegos immediately opened fire, hitting their car with several rounds as officers bailed out, Walters said.

A few doors away at Stacy's Fashion, owner Angelica Carillo said she was on the telephone when she saw Gallegos walk past her store before hearing a heated argument and sharp bursts of gunfire. She dove for the ground, she said through an interpreter.

El Taco Vaquero's employees either ducked or ran toward the back of the kitchen, Padilla said, while four doors away, two employees and a customer at a hair salon ran to a back room.

The first volley narrowly missed police, one bullet piercing a door just inches from where an officer sat.

After ducking shots, police took refuge behind an unoccupied white van in the lot, where they positioned themselves for the remainder of the ensuing gunbattle.

Police fired from three directions, hitting Gallegos several times. But still he wouldn't go down.

In the brief ordeal, the man Long Beach Police Chief Anthony Batts described as "evil," appeared hell-bent on maiming or killing a cop.

"Even after he was wounded and went down, he was on his hands and knees still shooting," Walters said.

It would take several more shots before Gallegos was stopped.

When Carillo peeked over her store counter, she said she saw Gallegos' inert body on the ground, a bullet hole in the back of his head.

"I'm still scared about yesterday," she said.

During the shootout, police exchanged more than 50 rounds with Gallegos, one of which struck a passing car. Several bullets ended up lodged in nearby businesses.

The strip mall's tone late Thursday afternoon was subdued, as business owners recounted the previous day's events to curious customers. A small circle of candles stood outside Stacy's Fashion.

The memorial was constructed earlier in the day by a man who identified himself to Padilla as Gallegos' uncle.

"He said he knew the police were looking for (Gallegos) because his picture was everywhere," Padilla said.

Gallegos' gunbattle with police left scars all over the Santa Ana strip mall: bullet holes and fractures across the wide windows of a laundromat, a water store, in Padilla's restaurant and Carillo's shop. Several owners spent the day calling City Hall and waiting for promised help that they said never came.

Some, like Carillo's husband Juan, and Padilla didn't know how they would close up shop Thursday night because their glass doors were shattered.

"Nothing like this ever happened here," said Maria Radnal, an employee at a hair salon two doors away from Stacy's. "This is a family-friendly area."

The white van officers used for cover was pockmarked with bullets, as was their police car and other vehicles in the lot, Walters said.

Police emerged unscathed.

"By the grace of God ... we're fortunate that the right people survived," Walters said. "If he was gonna go up against someone, he picked the worst possible choice."

Kristopher Hanson can be reached at kristopher.hanson@presstelegram.com or (562) 499-1466. Samantha Gonzaga can be reached at samantha.gonzaga@presstelegram.com or (562) 499-1284.

Challenge Villa Park's Tom Umberg claim that he lives in the !st District

There would be no better statement to make concerning Tom's false residency in Santa Ana then to have all the remaining candidates commit to a committee that publicly and legally challenges Tom Umberg "sworn under oath" claim that he resides in Santa Ana.

Consider the amount of bad publicity that can be generated with this courthouse fight among real community leaders against some lawyer from Villa Park.


The Oc Register reported that the Umberg family lives in Villa Park.

In the Oc Metro Umberg cites Villa Park as his residence.

Tom Umberg daughter graduated form Villa Park High.

Umberg's wife lied to a reporter when she said that the Umberg do not there when in fact property records showed that the Umbergs own the house in question.

At Tom Umberg's Santa Ana condo where neighbors claim to rarely see Mr. Tom Umberg, any reasonable Judge must conclude that under Webster Dictionary’s definition of "residence" Umberg Villa Park homes is where Tom sleeps, eat, and cohabitates there.

To Challenge Tom Umberg, That would be a great idea. Have all candidates spend time and money on residency while Umberg marches to victory. I KNOW his residency is sound. He has proof and records for as long as he has been in the Assembly. His run for Assembly was the last opportunity to challenge and WIN on this issue. He now has significant PROOF of residency and a court battle would be LOST. The press coverage would show not only this proof but also the family history thread that makes him genuinely connected in ways voters care about for YEARS. (Kids--schools--scouts--teams--church--home--and yes now apartment). His free press AND victory on this issue would end the race completely. Janet has the $$ to bulldoze him with a top notch campaign. She is not stupid.

One Who Knows


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