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December 27, 2006


Gone is America's Sheriff

I was surprised that Carona would demote Bill Hunt just before Christmas. He is a cold and vindictive person to hit someone just before the holiday. It is sad to see. I first met Shefiff Carona the day before Samantha Runyion disappeared. My admiration for him grew just as it did for everyone as he gained national prominance. But clearly I was decieved. The rank and file employees were probably well justified in their reasons for endorseing Lt. Hunt in the election. It is sad to see, but Sheriff Carona can no longer be called America's Sheriff. He has infact become "the Little Sheriff."

Don't be fooled

Check out the previous poster...It's a "Huntinesta" trying to act like a normal citizen.

Tell the true facts, 678 out of 1700 voted to endorse Hunt. The rest of us are glad he's gone!

The facts about carona

The facts are Hunt received the majority of the votes for endorsement by the Deputy Sheriff's union. That was why Hunt was endorsed and not carona.

The facts are carona has never ever had the support of the Deputies union. In 1998 the union voted to endorse Santa Ana Chief Paul Walters, who would have been better than carona and Hunt together. 2002 was a moot point as carona was unopposed. In 2006, in stead of leaving the all important decision up to the 15 members of the Political Action Commitee, the members of the department were allowed to vote. Again, carona did not receive the support from his own department.

There are numerous department members, who were actually in carona's corner until he did what he did to Bill Hunt. They are now questioning their support.

The facts are carona has never had the support of the departmnent and never will. He can try to demand and even order support and respect but he will never really have it. His victories are all very shallow, like the man himself.

Monkey business

Lets remember that Hunt also said he would clean house and remove those opposed to his way of thinking. He simply got the same in return.

As for support for Carona in the department, who really cares? Most of the men and women of OCSD go to work and do their jobs irregardless of who is Sheriff.

Carona's priorities are hiring new deputies, building jails, erradicating OC of criminal aliens and modernizing the department. Most would agree that those are worthy priorities and whether or not we like the man doesn't make much of a difference.

The bitterness of Hunt's demotion or retirement certainly eminates from his minions, but if he had won, the same echoes would have been heard from those in the Carona Camp. Either way, its a moot point

Anon. Deputy

Bill never stated that he would 'clean house' publicly or privately. There is at least 1 manager who it is believed would be 'reassigned'. But let us look at the BIG picture. A subordinate member of the department ran against the Sheriff. He lost and was retaliated against to the point that he suffered a 40% cut in pay. Not to mention the stress of the suspension. This precidence CANNOT be allowed to be set. If a Sheriff is corrupt to a serious degree but due to apathetic voter interest, is allowed to stay in office, who would risk their welfare to stand up for what is right?? Come on people no matter how you feel about either Hunt or Corona this will certainly guarantee the incumbent will never be unseated. No one within the department could afford to take the chance.

slap happy

1:04 poster,

"In 2006, in stead of leaving the all important decision up to the 15 members of the Political Action Commitee, the members of the department were allowed to vote."

Remember, the reason the general membership voted on endorsement instead of PAC, was because Billy and his wolves tried to highjack an endorsement at a certain AOCDS meeting. He has no one or nothing to blame, but himself, for his current situation. Well...you could also put some blame with Gomer Whitalker too!

We all say.. good riddens and have a nice life Bill. Maybe you could go work with your buddy, Tom Davis.

What is ashame is what you did to your family though!

Be careful there Steve T. Numerous people out there still remember your heavy hands on inmates when you worked the jails. Let it go or you will be called.

Stephen Torres

Thank you for the advise. Let me say the above "Steve T." is not me. I can honestly say, when I worked with Bill Hunt he was a joy to work with, and I never seen any thing to lead me to beleive that he was anything other then a professional. As far as I am concerned the Sheriff's race is over, I wish Bill Hunt, a man I always respected and admired, Godspeed and the best on his future endeavors.

Despite the "shots" be thrown back and forth on these blogs, there are real shots being thown at us by real bad guys, four LEO shot in less then four days. It's getting crazy. So let's all BE SAFE and WATCH EACH OTHER'S BACKS.

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