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December 12, 2006



It is strange that the Director of HPB was fired by Mauk, when he lets the HCA Director stay in her job after allowing her staff to cover up mismanagement of federal grants costing us taxpayers $143,000.

Well, at least we have a mission statement and Chris Prevatt can no longer read the Red County/OC Blog on his breaks at work or send email to his roommate.

Golly, I feel so proud of our County Management Team.

Mark Alpert

In another act of political courage, the City of Seal Beach has decided to punt the question of whether to allow third stories. This "election" will be all about self-interest. You vote "yes" if you want to add a third story; you vote no if you already have your third story. The City should simply apply the existing zoning fairly and consistently, protecting the property rights of those who purchased with the expectation of being able to develop their property consistent with the existing zoning. Instead, it is putting up property rights to a popular vote. What's next? Shall we vote on which religous displays we can have in the public square?


If we're going to have to vote on everything even slightly controversial, why don't we just eliminate the City Councils, Boards of Supervisors, and even School Boards? Since they have no courage to do the job they are elected to do, let's eliminate their jobs.

And, in the LA Times, Gary Miller abuses congressional privilege to get seats to see the Rolling Stones!

And, in the LA Times, Gary Miller abuses congressional privilege to get seats to see the Rolling Stones!


LAT: Sunset for 'The O.C.'? That depends

With a mix of soap opera antics and pop culture smarts, "The O.C." has been a boon to its hometown, culminating the county's transformation from Los Angeles' ho-hum neighbor to a trend-maker perched on the endless Pacific. Its pull was so strong that a county supervisor suggested turning John Wayne Airport into "The O.C. Airport," and when characters ripped on Riverside residents as "white trash," officials in the inland city mulled their legal options.

But in the show's fourth season on Fox, its ratings have plummeted to 97th among prime-time shows, with an audience of 3.7 million, according to recent Nielsen numbers. Up against juggernauts such as "Grey's Anatomy," the show appears close to its demise, with fans posting "Save The O.C." pleas on YouTube. Like a homecoming queen stripped of her tiara, Orange County is facing a future without a series that served as a weekly hourlong infomercial for Newport Beach and has even persuaded families to cross oceans for a firsthand look.


Julie Paule

I worked for Gary Miller for six years and the atmosphere described in the Times article was nothing like what I experienced. Too bad the reporter didn’t share any of his conversations with staffers that had good things to say about Gary. Don’t forget we have Gary (and others) to thank for removing two of the more egregious politicos to grace the California scene, Paul Horcher and Jay Kim.

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