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December 27, 2006



A well written piece, just as we all would expect from Jennifer. Sean is a lucky dog.


The forty-hour workweek damages women's ability to care for those they love? Is this the newest rightwing meme? What on EARTH is she talking about please?


Oh, Rebecca, why can't you understand that a Republican woman who is a small business owner can really have the compassion that lets her give workweek flexibility to her employees. That way a mother can can work a twelve hour shift three days a week without being forced to receive time and a half after eight hours. And that mother can have a second job with another thirty-six hours of grueling days with no overtime or benefits, so she can have the time to care for her family. And no increase in the minimum wage either, which would cause a hardship to the hard-working employer who deigned to create a job.

It's the golden shower of trickle-down Republican compassion.


Wow. It must suck to be you.


Haha. No, actually, the blue wave has taken out a lot of the corrupt Republicans who lost track of balanced budgets and fiscal responsibility so they could line their pockets and wage class warfare. Things are looking up for some of us who remember what it is like to have lived paycheck to paycheck.

To paraphrase Gerald Ford, the long national nightmare is close to ending.

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