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December 07, 2006


Art Pedroza

Claudia Alvarez is running. She wants to make sure Bubba Gump loses. Thanks Claudia!

Keeping Score

Didnt Andy Quach endorse Trung Nguyen two weeks ago? ("Batch of Viet-American Local Electeds Endorse Trung Nguyen For Supervisor," November 27.)

With all his development deals in Santa Ana, I wouldn't be surprised if Andy Quach endorses Bustemante also.


Art, please explain the "Bubba Gump" reference. I don't get it.

on the sidelines

Claudia Alvarez will not join the fray. In politics self-interest bests grudges so her dislike of Bustamante will fall to the wayside She can't afford another loss because it would ruin her chances at her ultimate goal, her election as Santa Ana Mayor. Look for Claudia to cut a deal with either Rosen or Umberg in exchange for future support.


I doubt Umberg would cut a deal with Alvarez. He knows what she is. Besides, keeping her in the race would help split at least a small part of the vote, which would help both Rosen and Umberg.

Blog Boy Watch

An open letter to Attorney Mark Rosen,
I've never met you, but I understand that you are the hapless counsel for one Christopher Lotts.
Did your Rat cronies up in Sacramento or DIR Legal SF set this gig up for you?
You must be able to retire on the winnings from the pathetic case.
Did you route that money into your Supervisorial compaign again?

Glad to see that Garden Grove is a Pepsi city.

If it was drinking Coke, you might actually have REAL development and REAL roads.

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