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December 18, 2006


Mark Leyes

TRUNG SCORES! This endorsement reveals that Trung Nguyen is (successfully) positioning himself as THE Conservative in the race.

Riggy's reputation and influence in activist partisan circle is significant. Trung knows this endorsement is big. Good for him that he has recruited an A-list conservative into the campaign.

Shall we expect Rohrabacher et.al. to follow soon...?

Who cares so how does this mean he is conservative. He is a union squish for the teachers and just gave them a raise.

So how does he think he can still win when all the nguyens are running this is just a plow for them to make janet use all her money up so she doesn't run agaisnt Jim in 2010

Big suprise since Janet Ran agaisn't Jim. He Jim like you don't think the Trannies will run agaisn't u in When Van is Termed out!

Trung hits paydirt again!

More good news for Trung! Jin will shake the trees and bring in more $$$ for Trung. Janet will drop out. She is done.

Trung the spoiler

Like they will catch Janet and Carlos's monies... Trung the spoiler for the republicans

Trung the Joke

Trung has made this a joke. Richard Nguyen has entered the race that makes 4 Nguyens and 1 Phan

Get Real

This is only news in the lonely world of political blogging. Nobody knows who Righeimer is (other than his many creditors)and nobody cares about who he endorses.

The Democrats will win this seat because the Republicans are fulfilling all expectations of self-destruction.

Elroy El

I have to agree with "Get Real."

Jim Who?

Jim Who

I'm thinking it's the Jim with access to all that money.

Jim Who 2

Jim is the one who can get big bucks for Trung from pro-family conservatives and spend the rest on independent expenditures.

Trung is not the "spoiler." Trung is the only Vietnamese with a chance, and probably the only Republican with a chance of winning.

We know he is the only conservative with a chance, since he is the only conservative in the race (unless Kermit Marsh or Mark Leyes jumps in).

Lost, I guess

What exactly is our "pension crisis", Mr. Righeimer?


If Jim has access to so much money then he should pay his bills



The fact that we can't afford the pension system is crisis enough.

Art Pedroza

Wow. This really undermine's Righeimer's credibility. Trung already lost two elections this year. He just isn't a viable candidate. What a waste of an endorsement.

Santa Ana Conservative

No offense Art, but your candidate is losing this horse race so far. As a Santa Ana conservative I'm happy to see at least one name on the ballot I can vote for. I'm not fully convinced yet but it looks like Trung's it for now.

OC Watcher

Oh, Art. Jim Righeimer's credibility as a conservative is unimpeachable. Jim is an unrivaled conservative activist who earned the wrath of public employee unions by promoting the Paycheck Protection Act and making it a centerpiece of current Republican Party policy. He does not need to prove anything to you or anyone else.

What strains credibility is why you are providing such a shrill, dubious and spiteful defense of an inexperienced moderate like Janet Nguyen. Being employed by famous squishes and union-shills such as Cynthia Coad and Ken Maddox, and an undistinguished half-term on Garden Grove City Council, does not qualify her as a conservative. She has won one election in 2004 and that was with the significant assistance of Van Tran. She just isn't a viable candidate.

You would be undermining your credibility, Art, except it is not clear you had any in the first place.

Elroy El

Jim is an unrivaled conservative activist who earned the wrath of public employee unions by promoting the Paycheck Protection Act and making it a centerpiece of current Republican Party policy.

And how is that working out?

Another Watcher

Art Predroza's credibility vs. Jim Righeimer's credibility.

Art, how do you sleep at night supporting a candidate (Janet Nguyen) who opines against eminent domain yet votes for it on the GG City Council. Oh, and all the squishes Janet's worked for as mentioned by OC Watcher

One who knows has trouble reading.

Van Tran didn't raise Janet any money compare her contributions to his.... Also I would like to see the proof that Janet has voted for eminent domain. Trung Diep is running around spreading false rumors. about that and her not voting on certain projects. I see a lawsuit brewing on him.

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