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December 13, 2006



Thanks Jubal for a great post. Oftlie IS a fountain of knowledge about the good old days of OC. While the district may demographicaly have changed in the almost 40 years since battlin Bob Battin won, the lesson of that election still holds true...turnout, turnout, turnout. The best mail in the world won't be enough.Wasn't then, won't be now.

Coto Resident

Will B. King may end up being the Steve Rocco of this election.

This History Lesson Points to Victory for Janet!

I believe this trip down memory lanes shows us that Janet Nguyen will be our next Supervisor and Carlos Bustamonte will place 5th or 6th. It's perfectly clear to anyone who is a student of history and knows anything about Janet.

Is Shirley Grindle a nut job?

Neither Boer nor Frazier were "Nut Jobs".
Both WERE Gadflies but Boer was very smart and like Shirley Grindle liked to
hold politicians feet to the fire. She single handedly kept the city of Santa Ana from
moving the Bowl (football Stadium) to the edge of town. Frazier had an Aircraft Maintenance
business at OC Airport. His issues mostly revolved around the Airport and
it's use and control. Neither were crazy but they were both a thorn in the
side of the establishment.

No Happy Ending for Battin

Stan should have told blog readers the rest of the story. Battin went to jail. For those who are interested in knowing what can happen to winners of Special Elections who lead a life of crime, check this link:


No Happy Ending for Battin

Is the Steve Knobloch who worked for Battin the same one who is on the San Clemente Council now??

No, Knobloch and Knoblock are two different people with different spellings for their last names.


I just heard Tom pulled papers. Will Rosen return them? Will Janet? Will Carlos pull out? Jubal...please find the answers to these questions for you readers.

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