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December 14, 2006



Congratulations to George Andrews on his new position! Orange County Republicans are lucky to have a rising star as our new Executive Director.

Kudos to Scott Baugh for a nice pick.

santa ana dem

Props to the Dems for hiring two new people. I thought I would never see the day the OC Dems were a professional, credible organization.

Kudos for Barbaro for hiring all three of these folks. This is long overdue.

I heart George

Congrats George!

I heart Erik

While I'm sure George will be a great ED; Erik did a phenomenal job and it will be tough to fill his shoes. He will be missed.

Scott Carpenter

When George called me on Tuesday to let me know about his new job, I was thrilled. He did a great job for Diane Harkey, and will continue his great work for the county party. Congrats George!

Harkey in Ascension?

First Harkey's slate wins in Dana Point. Then her guy gets the top job at the County Party.

A good month for Diane Harkey.

A bad month for Tom Harman.

George hearts Harman

Im sure Georgie will treat Senator Harman with the utmost respect. Im sure hes over that entire 236 vote diffrence thing

Ah who the heck am I kidding….muhahahaha


I think Erik will do a great job.

The Friends of Erik Weigand

There is simply no other person that has done more our Republican Party this past year than Erik.

Erik Weigand has given countless hours of time and energy to the Republican Party of Orange County. He went well beyond the normal calls of duty.

He reinvigorated the "open door" whereas all Republicans were felt welcome in the Republican Party Headquarters. He personified the wit and wisdom that is critical in running not only a business operation, but a political operation. His tenacity and character, coupled with his integrity were greatly appreciated and sought after. Candidates, friends...and yes even foes, always were welcome at the party headquarters.

Erik Weigand rejuvenated the Republican Party’s grassroots operations, empowered Republican youth to participate in community causes and built bridges towards factions of the Republican Party never thought possible. He was instrumental in marketing the Republican Party of Orange County with local media. He assisted in the coordination of Republican volunteers this past year with unprecedented Voter Registration drives in Central Orange County . He also assisted and consulted with Republican Party candidates in Orange County. His visionary ideas led to some of the most dramatic and poignant Republican victories all across the state. He also facilitated the most aggressive precinct operations Orange County has ever seen.

Surely there will be some detractors to these statements and feel that Erik did not do enough. However, I would remind people that he was pretty much a one man operation with limited staff as support. He worked eighteen hour days on a regular basis. And the people who would call the office at 6am or 10pm can attest to that.

He did all of this while taking care of the administrative duties of the Central Committee of Orange County and its’ Executive Committee. That includes, but is not limited to, the revision of Republican Party of Orange County Bylaws, Fund-raising, taking care of Central Committee Member concerns and most importantly, always being there to lend an ear to listen to the concerns of Orange County Republicans.

Erik Weigand is not a man of the spotlight either. That is why I am writing this long winded love-fest of a post. He has always made sure to give credit where credit is due and has always subscribed to causes greater than his own self interests. He is a rare breed in politics. He is a person who cares about others…young and old, conservative to liberal, grassrooter to donor. And right now, let us give Erik his credit where credit is due.

Erik personifies everything that is good with the Republican Party. He is about encouragement, empowerment and engagement. He has given so much of himself over the years to his party…and always with a smile. I have known Erik for nearly 20 years now. I was there when Erik got his start at the County Party HQ’s as an intern. I was there to see him flourish at his first run as Precinct Coordinator. I have seen him work tirelessly on behalf of candidates. I have seen him set up headquarters with refrigerators on his back. I have seen him take telephones calls. I have seen him perform the most mundane duties of finger painting rally signs, to trimming wall maps, to editing RFW brochures. He even walked precincts this past election and made his fair share of voter outreach telephone calls. He has done all of this with out ever being asked, with out ever being told what to do. He does these things because it is what is inside his heart. He does these things because it is the right thing to do.

Erik has the compassionate leadership of Abraham Lincoln, the positive energy of Ronald Reagan and the political prowess of Theodore Roosevelt.

He emulates the Republican Party at its very best!

Good luck my friend and Godspeed.


Does anyone know if Edgardo Reynoso is related to Lou Correa? I have a reason for asking.

Mike J

Good Work Erik. Great job at the Party. You work hard and understand exactly what we need to do to build our party.
Well miss you over there, but hey working in HB aint too bad either.
See you around town


daz--Reynoso is Lou's brother in law. OK, I'll take the bait. What's your reason for asking?


What is this #5 Executive Director... Good job Scott Baugh


So who is Edgardo Reynoso? all i know is that his Correas brother in law, but what else has he done? Is he any good?

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