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November 02, 2006


Elroy El

Dutch. I won't speak to Rudat. But did Hunt ask to be put on administrative leave? Would've he have been put on leave had he not run for sheriff? I doubt it. Apparently there was nothing in his evaluations to indicate a reason to demote him.

You and Jubal are way off the mark on this one. Jubal says, "cry me a river". Why? What did Hunt do that was so egregious?


The difference between Hunt and Rudat is a paycheck every two weeks. Hunt gets paid while on admin leave but Rudat took a leave of absence and does not get paid.

Immature Sheriff

Lt. Bill Hunt has shown he can lose with dignity, respect and maturity. Carona has shown he is incapable of winning with the same dignity, respect and maturity. Carona has made a mockery of the Orange County Sheriff's Department. Carona's legacy is set in stone for everyone to see.

Thank you Mike for making a difficult job even more difficult
Members of the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

Silent Majority

Hunt stated he would "reorganize" the Sheriffs Department's leadership if he were elected Sheriff. Clearly he did not have faith in the current leadership and expressed his displeasure with them in no uncertain terms. To expect the Sheriff to keep him on as a member of that leadership team is ridiculous.

Hunt publicly demeaned his department and he got his just desserts.

Signed, proud members of the Orange County Sheriffs Department

Silent Minority is more like it. You knew who supported Hunt as they were and are still proud. You never knew who supported Carona. Always quiet and still quiet. The majority of AOCDS members endorsed Hunt not Carona.

You guys won, but still remain anonymous. Not very proud are you.

Nine lives

I don't know about retaliation - but there have been many postings about Hunt being fired from his job. Hunt's demise has been anticipated for quite some time.

In the private sector, Hunt would have been fired - long ago.

Surprisingly to many, Hunt wasn't fired - be was simply removed from his rank. He is still a Deputy Sheriff.

At the end of the day, with the exception of the actual Sheriff, all sworn members of OCSD are Deputy Sheriffs first and hold rank secondarily.

Look at any OCSD badge and see that they all say "Deputy Sheriff".

Hunt may not have the positional power of Lieutenant but he still has the legal authority of a Deputy Sheriff.

Hunt has been and still is a cop in the State of California. Hunt can still protect and serve. In fact, being a Deputy Sheriff is one great job and he can still practice his profession in the green OCSD uniform he is so proud of.

Not fired. Still hired. Work until retired. Not too shabby!

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