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November 03, 2006


Remember When Scott Baugh...?!?!

Otto explored making a run for the 69th again back before the Primary because the only person foolish enough to step up was a misguided young man who is/was a student at OCC.

He discussed that he feared running as a Repub because he muight get "hung out to dry" again by the Powers That Be who conned him into running the last time and then forgot his name...

But to his credit, Otto is a good GOP trooper who still treats individuals with respect who were the "King Makers" back when he was a quite a connected Big Shot himself (late '70's & early '80's).

If I know Otto, I could only speculate that certain folks who Hate Daucher yet don't pass the smell test with Correa called on him to "...Take One for the Team..." and he agreed with the understanding he may yet make a run for Santa Ana Council or another seat next time out.

All I know is, this Otto Bade Write-In Campaign smells alot like the BS our own beloved Scott Baugh got himself into back in his Recall Campaign against Doris Allen in the 67th...hopefully this time, Rhonda Carmony (Rohrbacher) had her hands full with the triplets and was no where near this "fiasco" when the Wednesday morning Quarterbacking starts looking for someone to blame for Daucher's multi-million dollar LOSS.

P.S. - I predict Otto may get only 7%-10% of the vote Tuesday (tops), but it may be enough to let Lou squeek in...

Mark Leyes

I predict he gets 4% or less.

All I know is...

Yeah....you're right, Mark.

But I gotta ask if you know "How do voters execute casting a 'Write-In' vote using the new Machines???"

If it involves ANY thought or action by a voter, the percentage may even be ZERO.

Whatcha think???

Coto Resident

The electronic voting machines have certainly made it more difficult for voting a write in candidate. Most voters want to get in and get out, and not waste time reading instructions on how to write in the name.

former poll inspector

From what I remember a voter would have to scrool down to the other box, check it, and then with the push buttons spell the "write-in" canidates name.

Elroy El

I predict he gets 4% or less.

Considering the difference in that district is less than 3% favoring the Dems, 4% could be huge.

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