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November 07, 2006



The only admitted "chickenhawk" that I know of was Mark Foley.
Maybe I'm defining it differently, though.


I really admire Duckworth; she lost both legs and after she was fitted for prosthetics, she asked to be retrained to go back to Iraq and fly helicopters.


From the Washington Post:

It was also a night of mixed success for the "Fighting Dems," a group of Democratic candidates who were not only critics of the war but veterans of the war. Joe Sestak and Chris Carney easily defeated the scandal-plagued Weldon and Sherwood, and Tim Walz was running strongly in Minnesota. But Eric Massa of New York and Tammy Duckworth of Illinois were both defeated by pro-war candidates.

Jim Webb leads Macaca Meltdown Allen by 7,146 with 99.84% reporting. A recount is likely. More info at http://raisingkaine.com/frontPage.do

Pro-war former Marine Van Taylor (R) got smoked in Texas, losing to Chet Edwards by 20%.

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