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November 20, 2006


Education is Fundamental

This guy is on the Board of Education and he can't even write a press release? Is grammar taught in GG schools?

The new Otto Bade

The new Otto Bade Spoiler how many races as this guy run.... Central Committee Lost and Water Board Lost and he barely got on the GGUSD

Otto's new friend

Otto has a new Friend named Trung Nguyen...

Think Trung!

This announcment will clear the field. I predict he runs unopposed!

santa ana dem

Could one of you in the GOP please break down the internal dynamics at work here? Why isn't Tran supporting Janet Nguyen?

Vietnamese Democrat

Santa Ana Dem, Van hates Janet and vice versa. This past election, Janet ran An Le for GGUSD to try to mess up Lan Nguyen (Van Tran's B*%#@$). Thus now, you see the Van Tran team running Trung Nguyen, just to mess up Janet. In the end, like the Vietnam War, it's Vietnamese killing Vietnamese again, while the white man and commies stand by and laugh. You Vietnamese republicans are pathetic. Are there any moral, viable Vietnamese Democrats out there?

Vietnamese Democrat

OOPs, I meant she ran John Nguyen to mess up Lan Nguyen. She ran An Le to mess up Dina Nguyen to GG City Council.


Also, someone might want to tell Trung that the governor doesn't call supervisor special elections anymore -- thanks to Measure V, that's the job of the Board of Supervisors.

Speak clearer english

Trung can barely speak english since he is a trustee maybe he should take Free Adult Classes


If this guy can't win OC Water District, how's he going to win OC Supervisor District?

Oc Voice

He didn't even win Central Committee and you got to vote for 6 people. Baugh Do something!

Tan Vran

Trung "Otto Bade" Nguyen is the creation of a certain Assemblyman & Brian Park. It is not going to work this time boys.

Another Vietnamese Dem

Mr. Trung Nguyen did not write that press release. If you look at the contact info, it was probably Lan Nguyen of GGUSD who wrote it. Same level, different name.

As pointed out by the earlier post, Mr. Lan Nguyen, who's a lawyer, forgot to do his homework. Measure V passed in 2002 with more than 52%.


Another Vietnamese Dem is right about the contact info. That is, in fact, the phone number of Lan Quoc Nguyen & Associates, the law firm GGUSD trustee's law firm.


Did anyone notice the date on the press release was Sunday?

Tan Nguyen

Great another idiot running for an office he knows nothing about -- It's Trung Nguyen & Lan Nguyen - Tan Nguyen Part II.

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