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November 06, 2006


Guess you are why Arnold will only win by 15.99% Tuesday..

What happened Jubal???

You mean Aah-nuld has not shown you enuf love in the last 4 years???

But seriously, I am sitting in my San Juan Cap office watching Fox and the Cox Cable airwaves are flooded with ads from the Dems running vs. John Campbell & Chuckie Devore...really insulting crap with coffins and flags, but as usual, NO SUBSTANCE!!!

Somebody call Frank Barbaro and ask him if The Liberal DCCC machine left "The Alamo" out of their history books in favor of the theory of evolution...

larry gilbert

Jubal. Not too shabby. Your only major mistake is on Measure M. I'll see you tomorrow night and we can watch the outcome
at the Hyatt.

It may surprise some political players but I too voted for Art Olivier for governor.
I also agree with you on ALL of the statewide ballot measures in "Larry's Pix."

Best regards,
Larry Gilbert, who voted NO on Measure M


I do not recall a time when I have been as closely aligned to Jubal as this one time - Jubal almost ges it right!

The Governator remains

Proposition83 – YES

Proposition85 – YES

Proposition90 – YES

Measure M – NO!

OC Supervisor – Kathryn Cassie DeYoung

Andy Favor

Wow Matt, thank you for taking a stand and supporting Art Olivier.


I wrote in Carona for Lt. Gov, cause that's the closest he'll ever get to any higher office. The party can only carry a candidate so far!

I hope 1:20 PM was a Dem. One less vote for Garamendi.

Allan Bartlett

Excellent vote recos Matt, especially about Art Olivier. I agree with most of your state and county choices except I'm voting NO on Measure M, for Lyle Robertson for Judge, and Dick Mountjoy for US Senate. I have different state and federal reps. I'll be voting for Chuck DeVore for Assembly & John Campbell for Congress.

Powder Blue Report


...and then again we continue to disagree: Sheriff Carona does need the parties support and the party needs Sheriff Carona.

The problem, as with the Governator is not the manager, but the employees who want to have their cake and eat it too – that is, they do not believe in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay – hence the choice by the Police Chief’s is Jerry MoonBeam Brown, and we know the Sheriff’s union has selected Pat Bates for Supervisor. The Sheriff’s union was wrong in supporting Lt. Hunt, they are wrong supporting Pat Bates!

Andy Favor


What is your take on the Firefighters' union supporting Cassie DeYoung? They robo called for Cassie on Saturday using the recent fires to generate sympathy. That was just sad. If I was on the fence, that call would have put me squarely into Pat's camp.


Since you are so easily manipulated, I have a terrible tunnel I would like to sell you!

The fact of the matter is that the firefighters, unlike the powerful union, have not asked for pork from DeYoung.

And as you probably have heard all this week, politics is a full contact sport!

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