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November 15, 2006



147 votes, but then again.. whose counting :)

union leader

You are absolutely right. No finger nails left here

Andrew Davey

Go Lou, go! Go Lou, go! Lou's definitely outperforming the original expectations on the absentees... All he needs is a decent win on the provisionals, and the GOP will have to kiss their "SD 34 win" goodbye. ; )


Can we stop listening to fools like Paul Mitchell and Lou Banas?

Otto's a traitor and a snake, but it's our fault for letting them outflank us. Why didn't we run an Anglo Democrat write-in against Lou.

I will never forgive Otto for what he did, but the truth is that if he would have run against Lynn in the primary, I would have voted for him because I'm against killing unborn children.

That said, I would have worked just as hard for Lynn in the general. I was one of the YAFS who worked for John Lewis way back when in his first campaign.

When John left office,I dropped out of party politics because I got tired of psuedo Republicans like Lou Banas and RINO's like Gary Hunt.

We can curse the darkness about how Otto Bade stole this election from us. We need to give the devil (and I do mean devil) his due and not let it happen again.

Elroy El

I would say that Art's beachhead is turning into a toe hold.

Just polishing my Tin Foil hat I got from Tim W...

Am I the only one thinking those provisionals are going to break 3 or 4 to 1 DEM from precincts in Santa Ana where Latino surnames cause terrible confusion on the Voter Rolls???

Somebody needs to get thier hands oon a whole bunch of Correa for Senate envelopes to cover their bases for the next 4 years...

Dump Bruce Matthias

We can all thank Bruce Matthias for Otto Bade.

Sell out.

What was Bill Campbell thinking???


Does anyone really know that Bruce Matthias was behind Otto or are we just speculating because someone saw him at the Registrar with Otto?

Rather than point fingers, we must vow to never let this happen again. We should have figured the Democrats were desperate and run our own conservative, Anglo Democrat.

I still am praying that Lynn wins. If not, I'm going to bitch and moan and then plan on how we can prevent the Democrats from out flanking us in the future.

Becca Schwartz

LOU CORREA ROCKS, with votes up or down behind Dauscher!!! Lou didn't move into the precinct to run. Lynn doesn't hasn't even lived in the district for two years. She rented an apartment and has no heart for her constituents. It's not true that Lynn won the Vietnamese vote either. Van Tran even went on the Vietnamese radio to complain about how him and Lynn shelled out millions and, to their dismay, led by a mere 13 votes at first. The only Vietnamese people who voted for Lynn only voted by mere association with Van and they pay little attention to politics or anyone else Tran doesn't push. The rest of the Vietnamese community knows Lou very well and actually voted for him. Lynn paid her volunteers a.k.a. "supporters" to help with her campaign. Lou Correa had actual volunteers with an actual heart to help him and with the knowledge that he should be the 34th District Senator for them. Lynn Dauscher campaign signs never filled the residences of the people in the district. Lou Correa signs were very apparent in the neighborhoods by supporters and were brought to them via nonpaid volunteers. However, Lynn spent a good deal of money having each of her signs neatly placed by supporters such as lifeless light posts by 7 elevens or inanimate, steely fences that allow her big signs to show their support. Lou is also an advocate for the minorities and we love him for it. He's truly been there for Latinos and Vietnamese people. He supports Vietnamese people even without a Van Tran and political motives.

Dumb and Dumber


What has Lou done to support Vietnamese? Can you cite one concrete example?

BTW, are you telling us that Lou spent almost $2M in the last 20 days to "non-paid volunteers" for "non-political motives". Thanks

former poll inspector

Look at his website

Supervisor Lou Correa hangs the first set of U.S. and Vietnam Flags in LIttle Saigon.


Asian Community recognizes Supervisor Correa for his hard work

May 27 2005

Santa Ana: Santa Ana: Orange County Supervisor Lou Correa was recognized by Orange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance (OCAPICA) at its annual event entitled "Building Bridges to Fulfill America's Promise" on Friday, May 27th , 2005. Supervisor Correa was honored for "Making Democracy Work"."I am honored to receive this prestigious award." Correa said. "My supervisor district is the most diverse in Orange County. OCAPICA and Latinos groups like LULAC can bridge the gaps between these two growing communities to insure that we all prosper and succeed." Correa added."Building Bridges to Fulfill America's Promise" was based upon examining the common struggles that the Latino and Asian Pacific Islander (API) communities face in reaching America's promise. In honoring bridge builders who have been inclusive of diverse communities in their work and leadership, the communities hope to strengthen the ties that already exist between the growing communities.This event is being held during API Heritage Month because in celebrating the history and heritage, OCAPICA wanted to give their heartfelt thanks to Latino leaders who have paved the way and advocated for APIs in Orange County."Once again I want to thank OCAPICA. I look forward to working with the API community on issues of mutual concern including human trafficking, access to healthcare and crime prevention." Correa concluded.


Correa is up by 282, according to the update just posted by the Registrar of Voters.

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