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November 14, 2006


Art Pedroza

One of my colleagues in Santa Ana received this response re the firefighter's deal, from a city employee:

> The Mayor and City Council received your email
> inquiry earlier today, and as
> the City's negotiator, I've been asked to provide
> additional information
> regarding the purpose of tonight's meeting. The
> Council is meeting only to
> provide direction to its labor negotiator,
> specifically regarding contract
> negotiations with the Firemen's Benevolent
> Association. Consequently, they
> will not be taking a formal vote. Such a vote must
> be handled publicly and
> if such action were to occur, it would be at a
> subsequent Council meeting in
> open session.
> Thank you very much for your interest and concern.
> Kathie Gonzalez
> Assistant Director - Personnel Services

As for the supposed Solorio resignation - and subsequent appointment of Whitacre, we will never know if Pulido was going to try that or not as there was no quorum tonight. From what I understand Pulido cannot do this without properly noting it on the agenda, 72 hours in advance of the meeting.

Several sources have confirmed tonight that the only two candidates on Pulido's list are Whitacre and Vince Sarmiento.

There is also talk now that a lot of pressure is going to come down on Solorio to stay on the council through the end of the year.

The question re this Thursday's meeting will be whether Carlos Bustamante and Alberta Christy will go along with Pulido's firefighter deal. Also, Solorio is supposed to be at the meeting.

Pulido could potentially try to put Whitacre on the council on Monday - but he would have to note that on the agenda very soon.

Ultimately I hope that Pulido will allow this to go to a special election, but I am not going to hold my breath.

Pedroza Punch

Thanks for clarifying yet another myth in Art Pedroza's mind.

He has accused you on many occasion of "drinking kool aid" here on the Red County when it is he who actually has some seriously bad "juice" over on his blog where he should stay. You could help contain the constant pain and swelling known as "Pedrozaroids" by not scratching the itch to print anymore of his baloney. He's considered quite the joke around town with his tabloid view of the world. Most of us choose to ignore him. You would be wise to do the same.

As for his utterly stupid proposal for a special election that would cost the city at least $200 thousand, it is unnecessary to fill a two year seat. The candidates for the seat have to live in the Ward. Tim Whitacre has lived there for many years and has gone above and beyond in his efforts in and for Santa Ana over the years. He is well-known and respected (except by Pedroza and one or two other kooks) and I believe would be the best choice for the vacancy.

Art Pedroza

Pedroza Punch? Looks like Tim is not so sick after all. Whatever. Pulido and our City Manager, Dave Ream, spent over half a million a few years ago trying to pass the Ream Assessment. Now they suddenly don't want to half of that on an election that will allow the voters to pick Solorio's replacement? What gives?

You and your ilk might consider me a joke - but Pulido isn't laughing anymore. We took out two of his three puppets last week - and if we get our special we will take Ward 1 as well.

Easy to be brave when you are hiding behind an assumed name. Why don't you rip me with your real name? Or should I just refer to you as "Semper Anonymous?"

Recall Carlos Bustamante

Mark my words.

If, as the memo from Kathie Gonzales states, the reason for the meeting was to for the Council to "provide direction to its labor negotiator", why was this listed as a special meeting?

Why the rush to reschedule it to Thursday and have poor Jose Solorio fly back from Sacramento just to "provide direction"

This was rushed so as to get it to the Firefighters to vote and approve the new sweet deal deal PRIOR to Mondays Council meeting at which time Mayor Pulido and his band of four will further drain the city coffers for their own personal agenda.

Look for the contracts to appear on Mondays Council agenda and for Bustamante, Christy, Solorio and Pulido to vote for the big giveaway.

This is another example of Mayor Pulido and his distrust of the voters.

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