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November 16, 2006


Uncle Sam

Their actions give Harman an easy way to get his name in the paper. Settle down, chalk it up as a stupid decision made by stupid students which will probably change when new student reps are elected next year. The moral fabric of our country is just fine Sen, Harman...


Looks like State Senator Tom Harman has way too much free time on his hands, doesn't it? I'm more concerned about whether or not the health of my family will be affected by the continued presence of the Ascon Toxic waste dump in Huntington Beach than whether or not a handful of college kids banned reciting the pledge of allegiance.

Adolph Hitler


The only reason you have the ability to question our government about things like toxic waste is because of the pledge of allegiance.

Pretty slow news day I guess

Stars N. Stripes

Read entire article

Gives students' latest action and STATEMENT CONCERNING PLEDGE


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