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November 10, 2006


SoCo Gal


Can something be done to speed up the process of counting absentee ballots without sacrificing the integrity of the process? With the several tight races still in play, we can't stand the suspense!

3 Rep's hold Dem Seats Now!


I hate to correct but both Bonnie Garcia and Shirley Horton were re-elected on Tuesday.

Bonnie Garcia (R) elected in 80th Assembly District:
Democrats: 79,513 (45.6%);
Republicans: 65,176 (37.4%);
Decline to State: 23,994 (13.8%)

Shirley Horton (R) elected in 78th Assembly District:
Democrats: 86,973 (40.9%);
Republicans: 73,912 (34.8%);
Decline to State: 42,961 (20.2%)


Not at all. I appreciate being corrected when I get something wrong -- especially when the correction brings good news.

What's the Future for Correa?

Will Lou have an easy re-election to his Sup. seat in 2 years if he loses or would this loss hurt him politically?


One quick question: There was an ad on Vietnamese radio about a week before the election and said that essentially: "Today is the deadline for any absentee votes to be sent in - you may bring them to our office by 3 pm [the office of a candidate for a minor race in central OC], and we will collect them and make sure they are delivered in time by 5 pm, and we will you help fill them out if needed" - this seemed inappropriate for a candidate or someone with a party affiliation to do. I think that it may not have been true that the ballots needed to be sent on that day, but they could be sent any day as long as they arrive in time [not sure about this point]. I think there are a lot of shenanigans with these absentee ballots. Any thoughts?


It's funny when you say that the ROV is lousy with Democrats. You must not visit very often. I think the rumors you are hearing are almost correct except that you should insert Republican for Democrat in your post. It's amazing how far off base you are.

Open Your Eyes There, Art...


While the staff there at ROV is very polite to everyone, I think the point that Jubal makes is EXTREMELY valid.

I too have developed a close friendship with many of the long time staff having been a Poll Worker/Inspector for the last 20 years, sometimes 3 elections in a Calendar Year at times (Primary, Special & General).

I can easily back up Jubal that many folks in there (esp. Latinos and other "diverse" employees) are not so much Partisan, but more correctly characterized as fancying themselves "Players" in the Game. I can specifically think of a few ROV Officers who live in Lou's neighborhood and grew up with himself and now his family.

They are impartial and very professional, but they will get overly professional and call one for the Dems/fellow men as opposed of laying down & rolling over for the stereotypical Rich, White, Republican-types who seem to try and buy their way into office in overwhelming numbers throughout the years in OC...

And yes Art, many of those folks LIVE in Lou's District and they DID vote for him!!!
An Eagle Eye view from Watchdogs is justified in this case...



Actually, I didn't the mean the ROV staff is lousy with Democrats. I was referring to the number of Democrat operatives there on behalf of Correa.

former poll inspector

The Vietnamese vote is playing out in the Absentees against Correa.

Looking at the important race(Lynn vs Correa) I noticed a treand. As Lynn Daucher opened her lead against Correa so did the Vietnemese candidates percentage increased.

In fact, Dinh Nguyen(GG Council Challenger) overcame a deficit on a incumbent(Cuncilman Krebs) and now is beating him by a few hundred votes.

Analysis: Correa is not getting the Vietnamese vote, regardless if Democrat or Republican.

Oh Shucks!!!

New vote tallies posted Friday night show that Lynn might still LOSE!!!

The assertion in the press by Correa & Barbaro that "Dems" voted heavily Absentee...this could be a squeaker that breaks towards the Blue...

Somebody get on the Hotline to God for a "Group Prayer" that Lynn pulls this one off!!!

one more race

Hey Jubal, Jeff Denham beat Wylie Nickel in SD 12 despite a significant Dem registration edge.


I was pointing out that the GOP took an open seat with majority Dem registration. The other examples are of incumbent Republicans.


Odd that Matt failed to mention a few points I witnessed at the Registrar -
The presence of at least 2 other county elected that I recognized - John Moorlach and Tony Rackaukus. Both took an active role as observers in the signature verification room. They had a third guy with them who looked familiar, but I could not identify.
Don Daucher and Senator Dick Ackerman there as Republican observers.
One Republican observer overheard telling her cohort that she was challenging every Spanish surname in Santa Ana, as requested.
Jon Fleishman was there for a while Thursday afternoon - is there yet a report from him?

Lynn vs Correa update
Lynn by 302

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