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November 19, 2006


Jeff Flint

Go Bucks!


A great football game decided by a late-game penalty (helmet-on-helmet hit) on Michigan! No other team could have given Ohio State a better game.

The new BCS poll is out and Big Blue is still #2. Expect a rematch on January 8. USC will beat Notre Dame but lose to my UCLA Bruins. Arkansas over Florida.

Jeff Flint

It was a great game, so let's not belittle it by saying it was decided by a penalty. A helmet-on-helmet hit is not a judgement call.

I think the pass interference call against Ohio St. after Michigan had turned the ball over on downs before their final touchdown was much more subjective and borderline, and if that call had not been made, the margin would have been 11 points instead. I don't think Michigan can count on three fluke turnovers by OSU again!

Michigan has a strong claim to being the #2 team in the country, but if either USC or Florida runs the table, Michigan is probably going to be in Pasadena, not Arizona.

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