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November 18, 2006


Ken Maddox

The writer for New American Media apparently was unaware of the absentee ballot returns. Contrary to his writing, two Vietnamese-American non incumbents won seats. Dina Nguyen received more votes than any other candidates for city council in Garden Grove and Troung Diep has picked up a seat on the the Midway City Sanitary District.

I agree with his assessment of Democrat backlash given the Tan Nguyen incident. However, both of these candidates were able to overcome this obstacle by virtue of a well executed absentee ballot program.


Check out the article on 34th in today's sacbee. Ackerman lays out the Dems scheme for all to see.



Correa now leads Daucher by 821.

LOU CORREA (DEM) 55234 50.0%
LYNN DAUCHER (REP) 54413 49.2%
OTTO BADE 899 0.8%

From today's 5:00 PM update from the Registrar of Voters.

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