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November 08, 2006


She got Baded!

So what could the Daucher folks have been done to stop this even if they had known about it in advance? (I mean legally without causing harm to Mr.Bade!)Will this tactic be used again in close races?

One Who Knows

Lynn's lead is now up to 138...so, she might just hold on.

Lou Banas

Bruce Young was dirty as an assemblyman and time does not appear to have changed him. Elected Republicans in Sacramento would be wise to give him the boot when he comes calling on behalf of his clients. They should also check who those clients were who helped fund the Bade effort and make sure that their special interest legislation is DOA.

Dwight Robinson

I seriously doubt the people who voted for Bade were ever going to vote for Daucher. If they had not written in Bade's name, they probably would not have oted at all.

If anything, I'll bet the expediture on Bade helped Daucher more than Correa. If the $75,000 would have been spent on a few more district wide mailers for himself or against Daucher, he may have been up by 100 right now rather than down by 100.


A good point, Dwight.

Your tax dollar wasted

Bruce Young is a lobbyist for the City of Santa Ana.

I urge you to contact your councilmember and ask them to do business with Bruce Young no more.

Ware Disposal also donated heavily to the California United slander attack.

Ware Disposal does business with the City of Santa Ana, Santa Ana Unified and OCTA, South Coast Plaza, Irvine Spectrum, Fashion Island, Laguna Woods,and others.

Contact your elected officials and ask them to re-negotiate the contract since Ware has so much cash to blow.

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