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November 06, 2006


Wow, I recently got another mail piece from Voters for Responsible
Government that comes from Elk Grove, Ca. So glad the people in Elk Grove
are concerned about the elections in Orange. Maybe Elk Grove a sister city
to Orange and I just didn’t know that? Where is Elk Grove anyway?

Well, I looked closely at the violations so I could determine just how bad
of a landlord Mike Alvarez is. First, I saw that four of the violations are
really the same complaint. The second violation looks like someone might
have had a party and forgot to “remove the beer kegs and some furniture”
from the front lawn. And the last one is the famous complaint (running a
boarding house) filed conveniently a few weeks ago by a mystery man who we
latter discovered is connected to the Cavecche campaign. It wasn’t really a
boarding house but a couple of college students from Chapman that rent the
4-bedroom house. Well, anyone who has ever owned rental properties
understands that a landlord cannot be held responsible for the actions of
their tenants. Even Dan Slater should know this! A landlord fixes problems
as they come up and cannot control someone from filing a complaint.

You’d have to admit that this is really clever maneuvering by such
interesting individuals. Oh, and if you ask Carolyn Cavecche if she knows
anything about this she’ll just deny it. But she will tell you there are
two more hit pieces coming out against Mike. Now where was Shirley again?
Maybe she’s with Dan and Mel taking down the Alvarez signs – just trying to
Keep Orange Clean.

And what about the Irvine Company? Looks like they have locals (Shirley,
Dan, Mel and Carolyn) who are facilitating for them at the expense of our
quality of life in Orange! The ego is a strange motivator.

Truth Hurts Alvarez!

Stop trying to downplay Alvarez's violations! Your statement, "Well, anyone who has ever owned rental properties understands that a landlord cannot be held responsible for the actions of their tenants," is a weak and inexusable statement!!! You're clearly a greedy, boarding house slum lord just like Alvarez! You don't believe in accountability, you believe in blaming others for your deception to the voters of Orange.

A LANDLORD IS FULLY RESPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE PEOPLE THEY DECIDE TO RENT TO AND MAKE MONEY OFF OF! Obviously Alvarez cares more about the money he and his family are making, vs. the integrity of who he's renting to. Alvarez's actions PROVE that money is more important to him than the quality of life for Orange citizens!

So he rented to a bunch of college students. Are white, caucasian Chapman college students exempt from the same laws as Hispanics and non-caucasians are held to when it comes to illegal boarding houses? How do you define a boarding house? Putting a bunch of mattresses and junk in a garage for sleeping is not illegal? Your lack of logic, as well as ignorant support of Alvarez speaks volumes!

There's no "mystery man" associated with the Cavecche campaign as you claim. You are just so bitter that Alvarez got caught for his deception and hypocrisy to us voters in Orange! You want to hold everyone else accountable for Alvarez's actions! Just like you claim, "landlords are not responsible"...you don't feel Alvarez is responsible for all of his lies and deception to Orange voters. You're a joke!!!

You state, "A landlord fixes problems as they come up..." If Alvarez would have been on top of his properties, there would not have been any complaints or problems addressed! It's called MANAGING YOUR PROPERTY!! Boy, what a concept!

Alvarez can't manage illegal boarding houses in his professional life, he 100% can not manage illegal boarding houses in his political life. THIS IS A FACT!


The truth hurts, doesn't it Alvarez?

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